Learn how to optimize images or Tableau Desktop is slower. Optimize images in Tableau Desktop before publishing to Tableau Server.

Before Tableau Server, have ground rules, bare minimums or maximums for image file sizes, similar to this image below, a stock image from pexels from years ago, edited in Photoshop, and optimized the image quality to ensure it’s not a large file on the frontend of my website.

Otherwise this web page would load slower, and cause the ranking to decrease.

Faster dashboards optimize images in tableau desktop

Optimizing Images in Tableau Desktop is the true path to split second reporting and dashboards will load fast.

I recently optimized 2.9k image, that’s 3000 images, bulk automated optimization.. To help a local store e-commerce website. In an attempt to migrate and increase ranking.

We are transitioning from files that are 500kb to 1mb – down to sizes of <60kb. It helps reduce speeds of the dashboard if done correctly!!

The migration website was “so much better” the owner asked me to turn it off. The optimization of the images was recognized by the algorithm and it ranked better than their content.

Similar to rivalries in Tableau environments, the best dashboard gets the most clicks and those are often the dashboards that do not require a lot of waiting.

Learning Tableau desktop and Need to speed up your workbook?

Speeding up your workbook requires compressed images and optimized calculations.

So, ding ding, at the sound of the bell, let’s see who can optimize their photo the fastest!

Not familiar with Tableau Desktop – Learn about Tableau here!

Our Tableau Consulting team understands how important split second speed is with large vendors and small! Everyone wants split second speeds.

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server will perform slower if you have large files that need to load.

Speed up your workbook with Tableau Desktop

We consider workbooks like a website. We optimize every image to ensure the burden time is instant because our clients demand split-second response time – it’s 2017 for Chuck’s sake.

Optimize Images in Tableau and Help End Users

You heard me! How many workbooks do you think exists with un-optimized images today? That would be a fun project to scrape Tableau public, unzip each extract, open image folder, and check to see if the file size is >30kb.

That would be a fun project to scrape Tableau public, unzip each extract, open image folder, and check to see if the file size is >30kb.

We could aggregate what consultancies have the least optimized workbooks rather quickly.

These are micro wins, and Tableau desktop and server can handle your content without the extra work here. Optimizing images in tableau desktop is for customers who care about every aspect of speed, which is the majority of our current and previous work.

How does Dev3lop optimize images?

Pressing 4 buttons in photoshop you gain access to optimizing any image.

Compress photos to increase your speed in photoshop

Photoshop is a great solution and there even compression apps on your phone that are 100% free.

Are you a consultant and have made hundreds of workbooks without optimizing images?

No big deal, you can automate images out of workbooks!

optimize image photo shop explanation of large file to optimized file.

We use Photoshop, click the image to see a larger picture. Our client here has images around 500kb; we optimized it to 13kb.

Photoshop does cost money, you can google “image optimization” and free, you will find a ton of options!

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Four best practices or steps to optimize images in Tableau Desktop.

Optimize Images in Tableau Desktop – Like Rocky!optimize image tableau boxing man

  1. Do away with massive quality pictures, and optimize the image
  2. Drop the ratio size if it’s massive, or your file will not be optimized
  3. If you can’t tune it beyond 30kb – we prefer to find a better image – hero’s we look to stay under 100k.
    • Heroes are the big header image want to keep those from being pixelated, and people are more relaxed for those from a file size perspective.
    • Even little pictures need to scale down – we use photoshop!
  4. A resized image is an unoptimized image

Optimizing Images Steps Explained

optimize image in tableau with color palette

Optimize your image in Tableau with a color palette in mind! We use color palettes across every client engagement making awesome dashboards.

#1 Drop big quality pictures. They have free apps on the phone that optimize and compress image file sizes instantly or hire someone that uses photoshop for a living.

#2 If the file is bigger resolution than the dashboard, you’re asking your software to resize it for you, this is unnecessary – bring the file in at the appropriate canvas size.

#3 We may be biased here, but we do have a standard for production released content – we always peel back significant file sizes to avoid perpetually slow workbooks. Shaving off 1-second thousands of times a day is a big number.

#4 If you are resizing the image in Tableau Desktop, you should bring it in at that size to increase the speed of the workbook.

Your average enterprise website is <3mb per page. They never release images on their website before optimizing the file size. We prefer doing POC’s with whatever size and start optimizing the image in tableau desktop after everyone signs off on this being the right direction.

Just in case we want to swap pictures – we won’t lose a lot of work! Optimizing Images is Extremely Important, so put your gloves on!

Optimizing Images is Extremely Important, so put your gloves on!

Tableau Server Automated Dashboard Image or Images

Why are the images not being optimized for Tableau Desktop?

Optimizing is not on the forefront of product experts mind. Optimizing images in Tableau Desktop will help you in the long run. Do try to nudge your entire team to start making the content as lean as possible.