Data Automation

Client Overview

Kroger has 300,000 employees, needed to upgrade Tableau Server, and engineer their highest exposure reports in Tableau Desktop! We helped Kroger mitigate project downtime by 100%, played proxy between the Business & IT, and upgraded Tableau Server.

Tyler enjoyed working onsite at Kroger in the Ohio office. He worked on a diverse team of developers, data architects, DBA’s and interfaced directly with a team of 20 business analysts and executives.

Tyler carried the weight of good and bad news between IT and the business, helping each team understand the limitations of Tableau before further downtime was generated.

We worked together as a team, understood the requirements and data relationships necessary to architect many data sources into a single understandable data model. Tyler helped between the ETL team and the front-end developers, with ad-hoc training, tips, and hands on developing.

  1. Tyler Garrett helped Kroger generate the first major Tableau dashboarding push
  2. Worked 1 on 1 with Tableau Server admins to ensure they understand how to upgrade, maintain, and automate administrative scripts
  3. Architecting & upgrading the highest visibility reports @ Kroger 
  4. helped mitigate Tableau Server errors alongside the Tableau Server Support team.
  5. Supporting multiple tableau developers and ETL pro’s during two consecutive sprints.
  6. Remove slow project burdens by establishing simple algorithms on whiteboards to help the team avoid break fix stops.

    Between the major project, Tableau Server errors, developing, and training; Kroger directly requested Tyler Garrett for more consulting! Tyler quit his Tableau Customer Conference duties and stayed another week in Ohio to continue helping the Kroger team find success with their Tableau purchase!