Data Automation

Client Overview

GoPro receives tens of millions of records per day, hiring like crazy, and wanted a better understanding of Tableau Server best practices because their Tableau Server was quickly becoming a large resource and GoPro needed help scaling the solution within their fast growing big data environment.

We helped GoPro learn more about Tableau Server architecture and how to optimize it for scalable usage. Also, we improved GoPro’s Tableau Server front-end and crafted administrative automation scripts.

GoPro did not need a week long engagement, they knew the Tableau environment is easy, but wasn’t sure about who they were going to bring on site. GoPro required a bit of background checking before sending a consultant, Tyler was hand selected due to his history with big data environments and ETL.

Tyler worked quick to establish a sprint & scrum meeting. Whiteboarding with the team to understand requirements, and prioritizing these requirements based on deadlines.

Within the first day, all requirements were completed, and we moved on to advanced fun “wants.”

Like developing new ways to query the repository, to clean up old content, VS manually administrating old content. We generated means of automating figuring out how long content was left without a previous interaction and formulated the SQL in a simple Powershell script, to quickly iterate old content into an archiving algorithm.

After moving their environment from single node to cluster, we played around with the the backend of Tableau server, and made edits to the CSS, which is not supported by Tableau Software, however it turned out great!