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Images from Tyler Garrett‘s time onsite.

GoPro, a company that receives tens of millions of records per day and was rapidly expanding its workforce, sought advanced Tableau consulting to better understand best practices for scaling their Tableau Server in a fast-growing big data environment. After considering several Tableau engineers, GoPro selected Tyler due to his expertise in big data environments, ETL, and 80 Tableau Server implementations.

During his time with GoPro, Tyler helped the company learn about Tableau Server architecture and how to optimize it for scalable usage. He also improved the Tableau Server front-end and assisted software and data engineers in crafting automation scripts to manage the server more efficiently.

Tyler quickly established a sprint and scrum meeting to transition GoPro’s Tableau Server from a single node to a high availability cluster. This required spinning up multiple virtual machine environments and working with networking and infrastructure engineers to set up the new system.

One of the key challenges was developing a new way to query the repository to clean up old content without requiring manual administration. To solve this, Tyler created a custom algorithm that used a simple PowerShell script to iterate through old content and move it to an archiving algorithm based on how long it had gone without previous interaction.

After successfully moving GoPro’s environment to a cluster, we made edits to the backend of the Tableau Server HTML/CSS, which is not supported by Tableau Software, but turned out to be a successful addition.