Learn About Being a Data Analyst has a lot to do with SEO in 2017. We love explaining How to become a Data Analyst in 2017 with over a decade of data solutions.

Hey, data analyst or future data superstar.

Do you like big data and you can not lie?

data analyst report

Data analysts build intuitive visualizations.

Now the term data analyst is a popular coined title for anyone using a spreadsheet for a few years. Similar to the software companies title being used as a business title. ‘Business Title’ or would it be easier to say best practice?

‘Business Title’ or would it be easier to say best practice?

Similar to the title being used professionally, like Tableau Developer, Tableau Desktop Expert, and Tableau Consultant.

The accountant went to college for accounting, and this day and age – the data expert did not?

I’ve seen hundreds of data analysts who had never used SQL until after working with me too!

Also, I’ve met people so far ahead of the game they are teaching robots how to teach themselves how to walk. Others are investing in AI and I’m over here like, ‘Learn SQL or the world will explode!’

data analyst line chart with flag on it

Projecting to targets and building thresholds to kick off alerts is just another day in the life of a data analyst.

To be a data analyst in 2017

If you’re comfortable dancing between the business needs and also skilled enough to tell a DBA how to make things work, then you’re probably a data analyst.

Mostly you do not need to know SQL in companies with data experts, and you’re free to analyze the data.

Being a data analyst is more than being a product nerd, not anymore.

Having used a singular product for 5+ years doesn’t make you a data analyst and 5 years ago that was true. A person calling themselves a data analyst, makes themselves a data analyst. It may sound obvious, regardless stating the point, allows us to face that it’s valid, nonetheless.

Now we live in an age where titles are delegated freely – earning one is more about calling yourself something on LinkedIn. The person calling themselves a data analyst, makes themselves a data analyst.

The person calling themselves a data analyst, makes themselves a data analyst in 2017. Even if you are not an employee of a company, LinkedIn’s policy about Titles and end user information is that it’s not policeable. Therefore there is no real transparency on the employement background.

Truly – a person calling themselves a data analyst makes themselves a data analyst in 2017! We believe at the very least you should start following some data visualization blogs.

It may sound obvious, regardless stating the point, allows us to face that it’s valid, nonetheless.

If we decide tomorrow. We are a data analyst. That’s all it really takes!

Do I need to know Tableau to be a data analyst?

data analyst bar charts

A vetted Data Analyst knows more than just one business intelligence product. They have a toolbox of solutions.

It helps because if you read any of the current job openings at businesses around the world, Tableau is almost always on it. Everyone is hiring a

Everyone is hiring a Tableau developer and being a data analyst and Tableau developer does go hand and hand together.

But are they are not one in the same?

We believe a Data analyst knows how to use tableau, can build a Tableau user manual in minutes, and can help you with a Tableau beginner guide!

Tableau Desktop Wizardry, Tableau for Dummies

The 2017 data analyst knows how to make Tableau easy. Easy like Tableau for Dummies easy.

User experience is such an important aspect of dashboard development that every data analyst must practice and understand.

This comes into play with image optimization and color palette selection.

Tableau for Beginners and Awesome Landing Pages

The two together is the ability to utilize the product’s features, keep it simple, and using Tableau functionality to accomplish anything with data.

Tableau for beginners or advanced automation topics is easy for an experienced data analyst. Especially if they are charging over $50/hr, at $50/hr for Tableau consulting rates, you better have at least 5 years of database experience.

Data analysis comes from what you gain from the data.

and gain analysis. Being an analyst is a person who can swing between the data layer, business layer, and the product.

Being an analyst is the person who can swing between the data layer, business layer, and the product. Given a direct project related to the data, given business requirements, plan, build, execute, transform, and deliver data analytics.

Do I need a copy of Tableau to be a Data Analyst?

pie chart myth is BS, data analyst knows that

Data Analysts know pie charts can be effective.

It’s almost a dollar per day to own Tableau Desktop and it’s the best business intelligence tool on the market, so you might as well give it a shot!

You will not need to be just a Tableau Developer; rather it’s important to be good at all things data. Tableau lives in an environment with other products, other traits, and other characteristics.

So, it’s important to be versatile as a data analyst, or your capability is narrowed to report development.



There’s enough online to become a data analyst.

I’ve spent my entire professional career learning and most of the time learning on the job. I’m often only called upon when no one can figure out how to make a good idea come to life.

Also, the demand is filled with academics.



We went to college to learn how to be a data analyst

data analyst bar chart

Degrees do not make my bar charts advanced, it just makes it split-second fast, and users around the organization do not feel the burden of the usage of my bar charts.

I went to college for information systems, was the University-wide database tutor, built warehouses, and known for my ‘work-around-Friday’ emails I sent out while working at Tableau.

I’ve been trained to train others to be data analyst!

From Ph.D. courses with Dr.Peak – luckily was able to take that because nothing else was available – and it was about data visualization.

Turns out I ended up being the lead architect to the enterprise-wide usage of Tableau across 100+ Tableau Engagements.

Having said that, I do not feel college is necessary to be a good data analyst. Being the data rock star and putting in the hard word to learn SQL.

Just because products rock, doesn’t mean SQL isn’t the Keys for every data analyst!

If you’re looking to learn how to be a data analyst and not just a product expert, then opening SQL tutorials and diving into the data is a great place to start!

We show you Install MySQL on Macbook Pro



Titles handed out like wildfire – Data Scientist, Tableau Developer, what’s next?

There are people with the same title as me, but can’t query a table in a database. Never built a database. But consulting on data best practice and making production transactions on enterprise databases, every single day.

That means people without a database degree are currently writing data governance papers, and do not know what a relational database is.

The reason for explaining this is because that’s what a Data Analyst is up against. A lot of the foundation of enterprise technology was founded on people being in the right place, at the right time.

Good luck.


Avoid being a bad Data Analyst

data analyst business intelligence

Data Analysts are the experts of all things data. SQL wizards and visualization gurus.

A Data Analyst is the information architect over all things reporting.

They build solutions that are expected to work, supposed to be easy to support, and expected not to break every single time.

That’s because Data is in your title.

For the past eight years, 70% of my engagements are due to companies taking the advice of non-technical consultants or DBAs.

They listened to their advice 5 to 10 years ago, and have since then never upgraded past that implementation.

Now it’s 5-10 years later and the data analyst quit.

All solutions eventually break, and when those things break, that consultancy or data analyst better be ready to have documentation prepared!

Or they hire a smart data analyst who fixes all those mistakes early and points it out to them.



Being the Best Data Analyst

bar chart stacked data analyst

Bar charts stacked for quick analysis across the axis. A data analysis delight.

If you’re going to carry the data torch, carry a big SQL stick. A data analyst makes no compromise in the data product and solves things before they break.

A true Data Analyst knows how to scale solutions to ensure they do not break.



Do you need a Database degree to be a Data Analyst?


More Cowbell! I mean, More Pie Charts!

Not at all, in fact, you do not need a relevant degree at all. I’ve seen data analysts with no degree, that cared passionately about SQL and learning the data side because there were working for a data software company. To them, it made sense to learn data if they were going to be a data analyst.

The Data Analyst was studying database technology every day, Googling through support forms, and diving in to solve problems beyond their current capability.

In the smart profession, it takes a lot of courage and guts to lower the ego around being ‘not the smartest.’

It takes a lot of egos, to never take a single day to learn anything new, and continue to consultant employers or clients without having learned any data practices.

So, beyond being able to call yourself any title you want, and being able to have a job because you were the only one around that wanted it. If you’re going to be a data analyst or manage one, it’s important to learn what one word of the title does. Especially the data one.

What does a true data analyst think about the new trend or fad?

data analyst made this bar chart

Our Google Analytics just keep going up and up.

After a bit of asking around – it appears there is some frustrations to that fact that anyone can be any title.

This opens the field for the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. students to feel a little disgruntled.

‘Hey I went to school and worked for this, and now they have boot camps that make me a data scientist if I pay them 10grand?’



Bootcamp Data Analyst or Bootcamp Data Scientist?

candle sticks for data analyst

Candlesticks helped me do penny stock trading in college. I was doing stock trading at a very young age, and that’s before anyone was mention data analyst roles!

Pick your pleasure, your education is a simple as picking a button on a drop down right!

Honestly, try learning data on your own! Going to college is difficult because the time you graduate the technology will have changed.

Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on, data is king in our world and not being able to manage it as a data scientist could be the demise of your business intelligence solutions.



Should I go to a boot camp to learn Data?

weird eye ball chart - lets get rid of this data analyst

Data analyst just came to you with a weird eyeball chart.

If you need a mentor, do it.

Otherwise. No, save your money and wait until these are more widely accepted. Also, after researching the relentless ads I’ve seen online, a few steps into these you’ll not find any Mark Zuckerberg teachers. These companies currently are nothing more than a bank account for you to send money and a certificate at the end.

We are not knocking the knowledge, we are just explaining it’s not accepted and there’s enough online to catch up.



Are Boot camp data analysts acceptable?

I’ve not seen a single boot camp that has been rated better on a resume than another. Rather, I’ve heard people directly asking others to leave boot camps off of resumes.

Employers want to see portfolios, experience, and real world application of their wizarding.

Generating New Data Analyst Tutorials, Fads, Boot camps, Oh my.

It’s good to remember, with the generation of new things, you also generate fads and boot camps, that are pitching certificates, if you pay them and attend a course.

From my experience in the industry, the data analyst and data scientist title is loosely thrown around.

Most clients do not care, they interview you, and they will look at your LinkedIn profile to see if you should be consulting about these topics or not.