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New Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard is Now Available from Dev3lop

New Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard is Now Available from Dev3lop

The Software, Which is an End to End Solution for Everybody to Use, is Available at No Cost

Dev3lop, a tableau consulting services company, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard.

To learn more about the Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard and how it works, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the new tableau dashboard that helps users visualize Google analytics was invented out of necessity.

“When the team at Dev3lop first started blogging on,, and other websites, everybody quickly realized that their data was disappearing and that they were not tracking it collectively,” the spokesperson noted, adding that this inspired Dev3lop to begin building out a process to bring all of their data into one dashboard.

“Also, because the free reporting tools that are available are a bit limiting in terms of helping people understand their traffic collectively, the new tableau dashboard was created to allow people to see everything at once, without having to swap tabs.”

The new analytics tableau dashboard is a free download that is readily accessible to anyone who would like to use it. The Colibri end to end solution will allow people to research their end user website patterns, which in turn will help them to better understand the major search engine’s analytics properties.

The measure values used in the Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboards includes the time, in seconds, that a user spent on a particular page, as well as unique page views, which is the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. The total duration of user’s sessions, total number of sessions, and time on screen are also measured thanks to Colibri, along with other values.

Dev3lop is excited about the recent launch of the Colibri analytics tableau dashboard-which is Spanish for “hummingbird.”

“Just as the hummingbird is essential for plant reproduction and genetic diversity in the plants they help pollinate, as we improve the tableau dashboard, we will continue to release new and alternative versions to help people improve the diversity of their reporting ecosystem,” the spokesperson noted.

About Dev3lop: is a grassroots tech startup based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their customers across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys. For more information, please visit

8416 Selway Dr.
Austin, TX 78736

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Tyler Garrett

SOURCE: Dev3lop

Canopys Update 0.1.1 Explained

Canopys Update 0.1.1 Explained

We have accomplished another milestone in our software, Canopys. Canopys v0.1.1 is coming soon, and I’m here to explain more about the application, the update, and the future.

Our software, canopies v0.1.0, is available on both Mac and Windows.

Also, we made Mac and Windows files available on the website; no sign is required to download the file. The sign-up is nested into Auth0, which handles all of our authentication. This is a significant step toward offering a file and gaining information from end users safely; we can’t see Auth0’s software managing any end users’ passwords and 100% of this.

We like auth0 for user authentication because it offers us a chance to focus on the product, not building and supporting a custom authentication solution, and this allows us to continue to drive innovations in the areas we feel are most important to growth.

Before we release the next version, please test our Canopys 0.1.0 Task Scheduler and a Calendar view similar to Google Calendar. Let us know what you think!

Canopies Task List
Canopies Calendar View, Month View.
Week view.

I know what you’re thinking: this sure beats Windows Task Scheduler, and that’s one of the many reasons we built this solution. We wanted to offer a more straightforward workflow for generating a scheduled event.

Canopy Update v0.1.1 Details

We are adding two major apps to Canopys: Data Hub and Data Viz. This means we now have a complete deployment solution. Task schedule, data storage, and analytics. All in one application.

Here’s a list of details we are adding.

  1. Adding data hub
  2. Adding data viz
  3. Adding two charts, a line chart and a pie chart

The data hub connects data to visualizations. Look how we offer data storage with one button. It accepts JSON and CSV files. We do not plan on increasing the data inputs because we do not want to be a data connector development company.

A demo of data hubs.

After the data is stored in Canopys, you can build charts immediately. Data hubs feed your analytics; everything is contained in this one application. Data Viz is where we are demoing the creation of a chart. In the future, this area will be different.

A demo of data viz, with a pie chart!
Demo of a line chart.

Below, please find more about the future of Canopys and FAQ.

FAQ and Future Thoughts for Canopy

How will Canopys offer Collaboration? The ultimate objective with any analytics application is sharing it with someone else and embedding the chart in the web or app. We know our perspective on this ‘requirement’ will begin molding how people solve problems, allowing us to change how people solve problems.

What does the future hold? In the future, there will be a place to build multiple visualizations, and we are making a means of sharing these assets or data hubs with your teammates or clients.

Our team of engineers, my wife and I included, are all video game players, and we are building what we believe is a video game version of tech we have grown to love and adopt.

We aim to generate a user-friendly multiple-player video game in a realm of highly complex single-player video games. This video game does not require a certificate or engineering degree to be successful.

Are we adding more charts? Yes, that’s the plan. We are looking at KPI charts next. Once we have 4 or 5 visualizations or charts, we will be devoting all of our focus to the more prominent features we want to ensure we do correctly.



Dev3lop Announces the Launch of Their New Software Canopys Task Scheduler

Dev3lop Announces the Launch of Their New Software Canopys Task Scheduler

Canopys Task Scheduler, Which Can Be Installed on Any Computer, Can Help Organize Even the Most Complex Task Orchestration or Simple Automation

Tyler Garrett, Founder of the tableau consulting services company Dev3lop, is pleased to announce the launch of their first desktop software named Canopys Task Scheduler. As Garrett mentioned, “I think this means we are a software company.”

To learn more about the Austin, Texas-based company and the new task scheduler software, please visit

As Garrett noted, while he knows that there are other task scheduling softwares that are currently available, he and his team at Dev3lop wanted to create and launch a software that would allow anybody to automate and schedule their tasks.

“We have used many of the free alternatives and we think they are great in many ways, and they also inspired us to try to create something even greater,” Garrett said, adding that the goal of the Canopys app is to improve the day-to-day operations of analysts, engineers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs to automate kicking off a script.

Canopys Task Scheduler is also extremely user-friendly, and can be installed on any computer and operating system. Once it is ready to go, people can start scheduling tasks and automate more of their work. This, Garrett noted, will allow staff members to spend less time doing repetitive tasks.

“Canopys will help to reduce time consuming manual processes, lower costs and reduce inefficiencies,” he said.

Canopys is also built with modern needs in mind. Login and User management is left to platforms like Google and Microsoft, while Canopys instead focuses on being a best-in-class distributed task manager. In the current age of high profile hacks and information leaks, Canopys leans on third party authorization flows rather than requiring users to submit their own information.

To help train people on how to get all of the benefits they can from the Canopys app, Garrett said he and his team are currently working on creating a series of 4k videos.

“At Dev3lop, we aim to lower the barriers to solving problems to give everyone more time to do the things they love, and we are confident that Canopys will help achieve this.”

About Dev3lop: is a grassroots tech startup based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their customers across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also just launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys. For more information, please visit

8416 Selway Dr.
Austin, TX 78736

Tyler Garrett

SOURCE: Dev3lop, May 12, 2021

Dev3lop Shifts its Focus to Tableau Consultant Services, Analytics and Related Services

The Experienced Team from Dev3lop is Ready and Able to Work with Small and Large Businesses, Government Agencies and E-Commerce Platforms

Dev3lop, a tech startup company based in Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce that the company is now focusing primarily on offering Tableau consultant services, as well as analytics and other related services.

To learn more about Dev3lop and how the friendly and experienced team can offer tailored tableau developer and consulting services to a wide variety of businesses, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the founder of Dev3lop is devoted to providing the most relevant and needed services to his valued customers. This commitment inspired him to refocus on what Dev3lop offers, pivoting from service related to website site development and search engine optimization to Tableau consulting, data warehousing, analytics and more.

“We have a passion to teach others about emerging technology. We collaborate with your team and develop, generate, or optimize the foundation of business intelligence solutions with any SQL database, Tableau consulting, and many other various applications or programming languages.”

As it turns out, the shift in services and plans to launch additional video and audio content are not the only exciting announcements to come out of Dev3lop in recent weeks. The team is also working to release its first Electron desktop application.

“We are working tirelessly to generate master level video and audio content for Tableau training and to increase the adoption of our upcoming product release. This will help others to adopt the products that our company builds, while also offering more well-documented solutions from start to finish.”

The decision to switch gears from SEO to Tableau consulting has been advantageous for Dev3lop. The team has already worked as a freelance Tableau consultant for a number of large corporations. These key projects have allowed Dev3lop to grow and the founder to invest back into the business.

Everyone at Dev3lop has also been humbled by the number of positive google reviews that many clients have posted.

For example, the most recent google review noted, “Tyler is an extremely talented and passionate Tableau developer with thorough knowledge in designing and engineering from inside and out. Also he is a great trainer, helped me a lot, 10 out of 10.”

About Dev3lop: is a grassroots tech startup based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their customers across an array of services, and they enjoy working with their clients to solve their needs together and help them feel alright. For more information, please visit


Tyler Garrett

SOURCE: Dev3lop, February 6, 2021

Dev3lop, a Company that Offers Business Intelligence and other Services, Announces the Launch of their Revised Website

In Addition to the Rebranded and Redesigned Website, Dev3lop is Rolling Out Two New Services to their Valued Clients

Tyler Garrett, the founder of Dev3lop, is pleased to announce that he has just finished rebuilding, rebranding and redesigning his company’s website.

To check out the new and more user-friendly website, head over to and check out their massive Tableau Consulting success, and how they can apply it to any business today.

As it turns out, the launch of the newly redesigned website is not the only big news to come out of Dev3lop this week. As Tyler noted, his company is also now offering two new services: website development/design and digital marketing.

“We came from helping business intelligence at the biggest companies in the world,” Tyler noted, adding that today, Dev3lop is doing that and helping with more end to end solutions.

“We stand tall where our competitors drop the ball by simply having more experience and education in the industry.”

Now, with the addition of the website services and SEO, Tyler said he and his team are looking forward to helping even more companies succeed.

As Tyler noted, he is no stranger to programming. He began 18 years ago at the age of 12, and truly enjoys solving data problems. Tyler has led engagements with huge clients around the globe, including Deloitte, Kroger, Nielsen and GoPro on their business intelligence and data solutions.

“We’ve helped companies earn hundreds of millions and save much more in the process. That’s why you’ll not see any of these fast growing strategic logos on any of my competitor websites,” Tyler said.

Dev3lop also specializes in group projects where the entire consultancy is available to assist. The newly upgraded website features a chat application, so clients are able to quickly get the help that they need, as opposed to going back and forth in emails for weeks.

Tyler said he is proud of how far Dev3lop has grown since it opened in 2016. Between the new website and services and the existing business intelligence services that they have always offered, he and his team enjoy changing the way people access consultants.

“Today all you have is ‘ad-hoc consulting this’ or ‘agile model that’ yet when the rubber meets the road everyone just knows how to click buttons in a software,” Tyler said.

“Dev3lop avoids these common pitfalls of consulting firms and focuses on clients first.”

About Dev3lop:

At, they develop so their clients don’t have to. They help businesses solve problems, upgrade technologies, assist with data governance strategies, are a business intelligence auditor, offer gatekeeper analysis, and are Tableau Consultant gurus. For more information, please visit


Tyler Garrett

SOURCE: Dev3lop, June 27, 2017