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We have accomplished another milestone in our software, Canopys. Canopys v0.1.1 is coming soon, and I’m here to explain more about the application, the update, and the future.

Our software, canopies v0.1.0, is available on both Mac and Windows.

Also, we made Mac and Windows files available on the website; no sign is required to download the file. The sign-up is nested into Auth0, which handles all of our authentication. This is a significant step toward offering a file and gaining information from end users safely; we can’t see Auth0’s software managing any end users’ passwords and 100% of this.

We like auth0 for user authentication because it offers us a chance to focus on the product, not building and supporting a custom authentication solution, and this allows us to continue to drive innovations in the areas we feel are most important to growth.

Before we release the next version, please test our Canopys 0.1.0 Task Scheduler and a Calendar view similar to Google Calendar. Let us know what you think!

Canopies Task List
Canopies Calendar View, Month View.
Week view.

I know what you’re thinking: this sure beats Windows Task Scheduler, and that’s one of the many reasons we built this solution. We wanted to offer a more straightforward workflow for generating a scheduled event.

Canopy Update v0.1.1 Details

We are adding two major apps to Canopys: Data Hub and Data Viz. This means we now have a complete deployment solution. Task schedule, data storage, and analytics. All in one application.

Here’s a list of details we are adding.

  1. Adding data hub
  2. Adding data viz
  3. Adding two charts, a line chart and a pie chart

The data hub connects data to visualizations. Look how we offer data storage with one button. It accepts JSON and CSV files. We do not plan on increasing the data inputs because we do not want to be a data connector development company.

A demo of data hubs.

After the data is stored in Canopys, you can build charts immediately. Data hubs feed your analytics; everything is contained in this one application. Data Viz is where we are demoing the creation of a chart. In the future, this area will be different.

A demo of data viz, with a pie chart!
Demo of a line chart.

Below, please find more about the future of Canopys and FAQ.

FAQ and Future Thoughts for Canopy

How will Canopys offer Collaboration? The ultimate objective with any analytics application is sharing it with someone else and embedding the chart in the web or app. We know our perspective on this ‘requirement’ will begin molding how people solve problems, allowing us to change how people solve problems.

What does the future hold? In the future, there will be a place to build multiple visualizations, and we are making a means of sharing these assets or data hubs with your teammates or clients.

Our team of engineers, my wife and I included, are all video game players, and we are building what we believe is a video game version of tech we have grown to love and adopt.

We aim to generate a user-friendly multiple-player video game in a realm of highly complex single-player video games. This video game does not require a certificate or engineering degree to be successful.

Are we adding more charts? Yes, that’s the plan. We are looking at KPI charts next. Once we have 4 or 5 visualizations or charts, we will be devoting all of our focus to the more prominent features we want to ensure we do correctly.