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In Addition to the Rebranded and Redesigned Website, Dev3lop is Rolling Out Two New Services to their Valued Clients

Tyler Garrett, the founder of Dev3lop, is pleased to announce that he has just finished rebuilding, rebranding and redesigning his company’s website.

To check out the new and more user-friendly website, head over to and check out their massive Tableau Consulting success, and how they can apply it to any business today.

As it turns out, the launch of the newly redesigned website is not the only big news to come out of Dev3lop this week. As Tyler noted, his company is also now offering two new services: website development/design and digital marketing.

“We came from helping business intelligence at the biggest companies in the world,” Tyler noted, adding that today, Dev3lop is doing that and helping with more end to end solutions.

“We stand tall where our competitors drop the ball by simply having more experience and education in the industry.”

Now, with the addition of the website services and SEO, Tyler said he and his team are looking forward to helping even more companies succeed.

As Tyler noted, he is no stranger to programming. He began 18 years ago at the age of 12, and truly enjoys solving data problems. Tyler has led engagements with huge clients around the globe, including Deloitte, Kroger, Nielsen and GoPro on their business intelligence and data solutions.

“We’ve helped companies earn hundreds of millions and save much more in the process. That’s why you’ll not see any of these fast growing strategic logos on any of my competitor websites,” Tyler said.

Dev3lop also specializes in group projects where the entire consultancy is available to assist. The newly upgraded website features a chat application, so clients are able to quickly get the help that they need, as opposed to going back and forth in emails for weeks.

Tyler said he is proud of how far Dev3lop has grown since it opened in 2016. Between the new website and services and the existing business intelligence services that they have always offered, he and his team enjoy changing the way people access consultants.

“Today all you have is ‘ad-hoc consulting this’ or ‘agile model that’ yet when the rubber meets the road everyone just knows how to click buttons in a software,” Tyler said.

“Dev3lop avoids these common pitfalls of consulting firms and focuses on clients first.”

About Dev3lop:

At, they develop so their clients don’t have to. They help businesses solve problems, upgrade technologies, assist with data governance strategies, are a business intelligence auditor, offer gatekeeper analysis, and are Tableau Consultant gurus. For more information, please visit


Tyler Garrett

SOURCE: Dev3lop, June 27, 2017