Error 1084 – this service cannot or will not start in Safe mode! Explained there in a good deep dive.

Great, hello Mr. Error 1084, how are you today.

We now have two tutorial to help you with resetting your pc and error 1084 safe mode nonsense.

These tech tutorials will help you drag windows 10 safe mode through the mud.

Tutorial 1: Having a Problem Resetting PC windows 10?

A Boring Problem Resetting Your PC – Windows 10 Safe Mode

Error 1084 pops up and I had problems resetting my PC and after many days of struggling there needed to be some digital proof.

Tutorial 2: Error 1084: This Service Cannot Be Started in Safe Mode

Working through Safe Mode Bugs – Error 1084

Dealing with Safe Mode failures is not exactly what you had on your agenda for today? Same here.

Lucky for you these steps might just be what you’re looking for and no not the droids you’re looking for. (trailing preposition)

Although a lot of these errors can stem from dirty fans and viruses, the steps below may knock it out.

Safe mode windows – Error 1084: This Service Cannot Be Started in Safe Mode

It’s interesting Windows 10 takes a Passive voice when writing their error code.

Oh Safe Mode, on Windows 10, and Error 1084, you make me happy when I’m blue.

Error 1084 windows logo

Windows 10 logo, and the face of your best friend Error 1084.

Go ahead and let me just keep saying strategic business consulting words about how great it is!

Let’s handle Error 1084 like a professional!

Yes, Error 1084 is the same as your fan getting overheated because you haven’t waxed your computers legs in forever.

What? Yeah, I don’t know, this is just how I feel after troubleshooting Windows for a few days.

How to fix Error 1084 in 5 simple steps: This service cannot be started in Safe Mode.

  1. Left click ‘Start.’
  2. Start typing ‘Run‘ and press enter.
  3. Type Regedit and press Enter.
  4. Navigate to a folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\SafeBoot\Option\
  5. Keep ‘Minimal’ and ‘Network’ – Delete Option

Error 1084 has a slew of other great things to research. We can only hope this did more than what it did for our computer. Geek squad cough.

Now your system will begin to start services in ‘normal mode.’ It’s important to back up the registry before pulling the plug – do you like how I saved that for the end?

Long short of this blog is the computer never fully recovered even after I reformatted the machine.

Windows 10 or MacBook whatever? Well, Right now We like Mac more.

It seems Windows 10 and Windows laptops are still struggling to maintain a year’s worth of professional usage, yet my MacBook Pro has been running with 100% up time since I’ve purchased it four years ago.

When I shop at best buy I’m often surprised to see tech still telling customers to buy windows machines.

It’s safe to say if it wasn’t for the necessity of Windows 10 to connect to most enterprise companies, I would never use it again.

Also some web scrappers I prefer not to mention to avoid more spammers, and those web scrappers only work on windows. I’m sure lots of enterprise people read this and think, ‘I know 30 applications that have to be on Windows.’ Just a reminder – I’m not looking to blog about that today! It’s really not my specialty.

When you’re windows 10 PC cannot be started in safe mode, that’s my specialty now!

Ways to get back to reality.

Step 1; advanced boot

Start Windows 10 in Advanced Boot Options

Step 2; updating

Disabled Service: Update Orchestrator Service: UsoSvc

Starting windows in advanced mode may be the next step too.

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