KNIME Consulting

Looking for a KNIME Consulting crew, KNIME Developer, or KNIME Consultant? Dev3lop helps companies with their advanced analytics environments and has experience being a Senior KNIME Consultant in several environments. KNIME Analytics platform is a free analytics automation software, and we love it.

Any Computer

KNIME unlocks computers; MACs, Windows, & Linux. KNIME does not require an expensive computer. KNIME is an open source analytics platform for everyone.

Any Data Source

We help companies connect any data source, database, or files. We develop simple and advanced data connections that can be easily managed on your laptop. We love APIs.

Schedule & Relax

We enjoy helping commercial and enterprise companies setup scheduled analytics applications. Scheduling with KNIME is free and we are excited to help you.

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  • Deloitte
  • The Nielsen Company
  • GoPro
  • Boston Scientific
  • ExxonMobil


  • Kroger
  • GoodWill
  • WellCare
  • PepsiCo
  • OnCor


  • Florida Dpt. of Revenue
  • Alabama Medicaid
  • The FBI
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Florida Surplus Lines

Education Industry

  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Ryerson University
  • Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Education Corporation of America

Hire Small & Think Big

Dev3lop, LLC is a small business based out of Austin, Texas and we are known in the analytics industry as big thinkers. Our founder innovated solutions used internally by the KNIME consultancy and KNIME clients around the world.

We have a passion to teach others about emerging technology. Let us teach your team how to build a foundation of business intelligence. Also, we are available for implementation, developing, project management, and dashboard design!

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Our Customers

Working with Tyler, Dev3lop’s Founder, was like turning on a light. Tyler not only taught us Tableau but also helped raise team morale surrounding business intelligence practices and data analytics.


Our team enjoyed learning Tableau with Tyler! He was extremely flexible and would give us the advanced version if we asked for it. Tyler impressed the GoPro data engineering team. He is a natural business leader, easy to work with, and was a great morale booster for everyone at GoPro!


I had the opportunity to work with Tyler while working on a Tableau project at Kroger. The BI project we were working on included complex dashboards that created headaches from a performance perspective along with server-related issues.


Put Your Users & Your Business in Good Hands.

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Our team is standing by to help you increase your KNIME ROI. We offer free KNIME help and Tableau consulting engagements. If you need a KNIME Consultant to help you with your analytics environment, train your gurus, or developing a KNIME workflows because you don’t have the bandwidth? Let’s chat.

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