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Hiring a qualified business intelligence developer just got easier.

We seamlessly integrate with clients technical and senior executive teams. We help by innovating business intelligence and data analytics solutions.

Our 2020 journey.

Business intelligence consulting services based in Austin, Texas.

In 2020, Dev3lop worked with Campbell Soup, Colgate Palmolive, DiDi,, Lucid Motors, Spotify, Starkist, Talend, and other businesses.

Onsite at GoPro

Business Intelligence experience to the max! GoPro has one of the most advanced BI environments in the world. We are humbled to talk about our project with GoPro because we love their product. We worked onsite at GoPro and loved it!

Onsite & Remote at Nielsen

We helped The Nielsen Company with their largest monetized data source, optimized their BI reporting environment and helped decrease the data size by 99%. Dev3 helped product leaders generate more value with less hardware costs.

Onsite at Kroger

Kroger worked with our Founder in their first major data visualization project! While onsite, our founder helped with Tableau Server upgrade, Tableau Desktop development, ETL and scrum mastering with the best experts at Kroger!

We love SQL.

Business intelligence consulting, Dev3lop.

Dev3lopcom, LLC offers Business Intelligence consulting to startups, small, medium and multinational organizations and governmental agencies. Everyone at Dev3lop wants to help you win in your industry and scale for to the future. We help companies save time, money, and generate new revenue with their current & external data connections.

Dev3lop offers Business intelligence services and data analytics services based in Austin Texas.

Business intelligence and data analytics comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises to analyze business information to help executive management make better and informed decisions. We use, build, and design state of the art technologies that provide historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations.

Dev3lop solutions include and not limited to:

Dashboards, data warehouses, and reporting within:

  • call centers, customer inquiries
  • human resources, recruiting, new hire pipeline
  • sales pipeline
  • new product release
  • KPI/performance management
  • and custom requirements.

Digital project too big or too small?

We do fast paced business intelligence services globally, based in south Austin Texas.
We have experience working small <40hr engagements and multi year fulltime engagements. We are eager to collaborate with your team and implement and invent BI technologies that can handle large amounts of structured and unstructured data! You can identify new opportunities using our innovative solutions and begin implementing an effective strategy and decision making based on data. Data analytics can provide your business with a competitive advantage and long-term stability.

No project size is too big or too small, we wear a lot of hats & learn fast!


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