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Download Tableau Desktop with these easy steps below.

Downloading Tableau Desktop is quick and easy. Start your adventure below and follow along with the steps and screenshots, and begin your Tableau Desktop download in a few minutes.

Steps to quickly download Tableau Desktops

Be patient with installs and let them run in peace. Installing Tableau Desktop only takes a few minutes.

  1. Go to the alternative download site and pick accordingly.
  2. download tableau desktop pick operating system

    Download Tableau Desktop quickly by going to the alternative download site, and pick your operating system requirements.

  3. Left click on any link to begin the download.
    download tableau desktop windows 64bit

    To download Tableau Desktop 64bit v10.2.2 – left click on the link.

    • We are picking Tableau Desktop 64bit to download for our windows computer.
    • 250-450mb’s this should not take that long to download on any cable or fiber internet. If you’re at the office, make sure to ask your IT team if it’s OK to install Tableau Desktop on your computer.
  4. downloading tableau desktop on google chrome

    Downloading Tableau Desktop takes just a few minutes.

  5. download tableau desktop

    Downloading Tableau Desktop on Chrome completed.

Are you done downloading Tableau Desktop?

After you download Tableau Desktop, begin installing the software on your local computer.

Tutorial 1: Download Tableau Desktop – completed!

Tutorial 2: Install Tableau Desktop