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Start MySQL on Mac OSX or build a farm of spreadsheets? We will be walking you through building your database on your personal machine. Start MySQL on Mac OSX and Get Collecting! Ever considered collecting data to process MySQL? When ramping up you need to start the MySQL instance on your Mac OSX. This is a quick guide!

By the end of this blog, you will understand how to get your MySQL Server started on your Mac OS.

Now that you have MySQL on your Mac, what’s next? Start MySQL on Mac OSX!

  • The first step is installing MySQL on your mac.
  • The next step is starting MySQL.
  • Open your settings and find your MySQL icon.
mysql in settings

Mac OS MySQL button in Settings.

Click Start!

Start mysql database on mac OS

You can start and stop your MySQL database manually here.


More MySQL Server Startup Details

We want to kick off a component of the service, it’s called launchd.

To enable the launchd service – we want to jump into the easy mode first!

If you’re coming from SSMS and looking to have a similar feel with the Mac OSX MySQL install. That’s our objective too.

Download MySQL Workbench!

Then follow along in our next tutorial on How to Create a Schema in your MySQL Workbench on Mac OS.

If you’re not perfect, you may forget your root password. We cover how to reset your root password here.