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Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google on WordPress

Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google

Do you want robots figuring out what you want to rank for? No, you don’t! At Dev3lop we tested building a website without an XML sitemap implemented at Google WebMaster tools, it was laughable, taught us a lot, and really built a great use case for using a sitemap.

This wasn’t an entirely huge waste for us actually. The robot showed us a lot of clever word phrases we didn’t think of and expanded our digital marketing touch.

Did google search a Dev3lop Website without an XML Sitemap?

Yes, if you’re getting a lot of traffic, google will come and check out your website! At the time we were getting about 2000 page views per week, and when we started looking to check our queries in the search console, we noticed the robot ranked us sporadically across odd terms and phrases. My favorite was ‘father-in-law backup google drive.’

We did this to validated the necessity of the XML sitemap, rather than just doing it because some guy named Niel wrote a 10,000-word blog saying XML sitemap over and over.

Rather, we decided to build data around this strategy and then optimize our SEO around it.

It’s a lengthy process, the pay isn’t great unless you ranked for something promising, but if you’re savvy with data, it’s worth the time.

Why waste time to test XML sitemap validity when it’s a gold standard?

Do you jump off bridges because everyone else does?

After reading SEO blogs for a year straight, and sacrificing 20-30hrs a week to study and practice. I noticed one overwhelming trait, none of these big names have any data background or any technical experience other than being the person who blogged about it.

It was hard to imagine everyone was jumping on the XML sitemap bandwagon without fully explaining the impacts of not doing it. I’m sure everyone has heard the needle in the haystack comment and how you won’t get indexed if you don’t have the sitemap.

A lot of that rambling on is paid for writers building an SEO style blog, rather than explaining the good, bad, and limitations, they just dump content on content about things that everyone is saying.

The short and simple is, if you don’t submit your XML sitemap to Google, you’re a needle in a haystack and more than likely not optimized onsite for ranking.

If you’ve not submitted your sitemap yet, this article is perfect for you.

Why should I submit my Sitemap to google?

Submit sitemap to Google or else! Or else your letting robots read your site, and they don’t do it that great, and will likely rank you for nonsense.

When you want organic traffic, you need to consider jumping into a few different aspects of web technology. If you already have a website hosted, built and just need to get your sitemap over to google, congratulations! You’re about to take off into SEO space!

Are you ready to submit your XML sitemap to google?

Here’s how to get your XML sitemap open in Yoast, and then accepted by Google for ranking if your site is setup correctly!

  1. Host a website.
  2. Build a website, we use WordPress.
  3. Download an SEO app, we use Yoast.

    Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google Tutorial

    When you Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google, expect an increase in traffic!

  4. Turn Yoast advanced options on to ensure XML Sitemap functionality is visible in your WordPress side menu.
  5. Open XML Sitemap in WordPress side panel, under SEO, if you don’t see it, repeat step 4.

    Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google Tutorial

    Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google or let a robot read your website, maybe.

  6. Enable the XML sitemap functionality on Yoast, missing this step?

    Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google Tutorial

    Click XML Sitemap before you submit your Yoast Sitemap to Google.

  7. Click XML Sitemap and copy your URL. Be sure check it before asking google to see it. If it’s not there when you click it, and you get your 404 message. This is Okay and normal. If you can click on XML Sitemap, and you’re not seeing the correct information, it’s a common thing to need to fix it if it’s not currently turned on.
  8. In you sidebar, open settings, permalink, scroll to the bottom and just click save. That should do it.
    Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google Tutorial save changes

    WordPress and Yoast work flawlessly once you click Save Changes. Just navigate to permalinks and click save changes!


  9. Submit your sitemap by pasting it into Google Webmaster Console aka Search Console.


Time to Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google, right?!

Start getting ranked today, right?!

If you have content on your website and have actively been blogging about material that adds value to your customer, it’s a good thing to consider asking Google to come look at your website.

Before you Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google

Before you submit your XML sitemap, it’s really important to understand something about the content on your website. You won’t get ranked with what you have on your website, sorry to say that! Especially if you don’t have a single blog.

Text Headers are important, images are important, and how you optimize each of them together is critical. If these are great, you’re about 5% there in a competitive market. We highly recommend testing your SEO strategies in a keyword phrase marketplace that is not competitive.

For example, trying to rank in SEO is not possible because everyone is 10+ years ahead of you!

We haven’t been blogging?! Woops.

If you’ve put off adding blogs or content, now it’s time to leave the ego at the door, and start sharing what you do with your customers. Otherwise, net authority is not going to be noticeable to any experienced technology professional.

Google has an appetite for lots of content, not minimal simple pages, and with content comes ranking and authority! Although it may look cool, it’s not going to increase your organic traffic.

Stop that minimal stuff, start blogging, get over that fear.

Although it may look cool, it’s not going to increase your organic traffic.

Lastly, regarding: Submit Yoast Sitemap to Google

Regrettably, if you’ve ignored your family, friends, or business partner and never considered picking up a finger to blog, then your website won’t rank very well. You will not be able to expand to a global scale outside of your direct shares, social media outreach, or emailing people for business.

This turns your website into a responsive business, and google is simply offering you the ability to be strategic.

Time to smell the SEO roses, and get ranked like a true expert or use our SEO Experts.