The Nielsen Company
Data Automation

Client Overview

The Nielsen Company owns many big data products, large enough they needed help with solving the data size before using Tableau, and sometimes it would take days to run. We helped decrease extract timers by 99%, which enabled Nielsen the ability to increase their product revenue with a more robust data solution.

Tyler worked onsite & remote with Nielsen employees to help automate and optimize the data & Tableau environment.

Helping generate more revenue and data sizes by 98%. Removing the need for in memory database to support the front end visualizations.

We generated a suite of dashboards and our team helped The Nielsen Company with several strategic workloads.

Tyler played lead Tableau Consultant & generated data solutions & dashboards for Executives, Directors, and Managers across major accounts like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and US Celluar. He worked one on one with product managers, technology owners, and internal solution architects to ensure the data infrastructure offered split second reporting over trillions of records.

Dev3lop helped establish The Nielsen Companies Tableau solutions and mentored internal analytics gurus to support and remediate the front-end solution. Along with front-end development, we helped optimize the data infrastructure and trained Nielsen’s IT team in reporting data solutions

We also helped The Nielsen Company with Mystery Shopper Survey Data!

Using our knowledge of data transformation and data warehousing, we helped reshape the way Nielsen handles data manipulation in SPSS. Helping transform their Tableau development by offering a better user experience for Tableau Desktop usage, lowering downtime across all reporting environments, and training internal IT members at Nielsen on best practices for faster report generation.

We enjoyed proliferating the Mobile Data Industry using Big Dat Solutions, Tableau, and enterprise level Implementation!

After many months of managing the project, deliverables, fulfilling backlog and pushing the limits of Tableau Software. The Nielsen Company worked with Tyler to forecast voice calls, data usage, data speeds, and provider coverage analysis across 200k end users!

From the database, to design, and dashboard development – we assisted The Nielsen Company with first-time solutions and upgrades to their data environment and front-end reporting practices.

Here are a few aspects of the Nielsen companies solution! We enjoyed helping reshape the mobile industry with Nielsen and enjoyed becoming experienced pioneers in their business intelligence data product.

How did Nielsen generate their data?

The Nielsen Company and a large group of technology gurus came together to generate the NMP product, to help measure the success and data of providers around the US market.

  • Monitoring network signaling in 86 U.S. markets to count mobile subscribers and determine marketshare
  • Analyzing the cellphone bills of more than 65,000 mobile subscribers in the U.S.
  • Conducting extensive drive tests to measure quality of service in North America
  • Deploying On-Device Meters to measure smartphone activity
  • Analyzing carrier server logs to understand feature phone usage behavior
  • Surveying mobile consumers via telephone, in-person and online surveys
  • More

We assisted Nielsen with faster analysis and insights across the following Mobile Metrics.

  1. Mobile Voice Call Data Mapping, Visualization, and Ranking
    • Call Establish Fail Rate
    • Call Roam Rate
    • No Service Attempt Rate
    • Calls Ending with No Service
    • Calls Ending in Poor Coverage
    • Estimated Drop Call Rate
    • Signal Strength
  2. Data Sessions on Mobile Devices
    • Data Setup Failure Rate
    • Abnormal Termination Rate
    • No Service Attempt Rate
  3. Data Speeds by Provider
    1. 4G Upload and Download Speeds
    2. 3G Upload and Download Speeds
  4. Provider Coverage Analysis
    • % in 4G and 3G
    • $ in Roaming
    • % in No Service