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The Nielsen Company


The Nielsen Company engaged Tyler for Tableau consulting to support several large client products, including a core product that tracks mobile performance for hundreds of thousands of end users. This solution aggregates usage data and location information from various carriers, including Sprint (sprint joined TMobile), AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, and United States Cellular Corporation.

The data products generated by this project were used by executives, direct reports to each executive, marketing teams, analysts, and engineers to inform decision-making across the business, adding new cellphone towers, improving cellphone experiences, and were also featured in commercial campaigns and marketing strategies as well as press releases to highlight Nielsen’s dominance in mobile metrics. In addition to these services, Tyler also provided data warehousing, data visualization, and data engineering consulting.

As part of the Nielsen engagement, Tyler provided SQL training, optimized dashboard templates, and developed new dashboards. Also, assisted with project and product management as well as the data architecture of trillions of records. He worked closely with Nielsen product managers to re-establish the NMP solution, re-architect the data, and increase revenue by rebuilding Tableau dashboards and developing new ones.

During the initial weeks of this multi-year engagement, Tyler worked one-on-one with IT and product teams onsite to define atomic data items and rewrite the SQL used for Tableau dashboards, resulting in a 98%+ reduction in data sizes. This project involved Tableau, Oracle, and IBMs SSPS.

The project lasted several years and included maintaining and supporting Tableau Dashboards, SQL, suites of dashboards, and managing software engineers.