Boston Scientific
Data Automation

Client Overview

Boston Scientific revenue exceeded 8 billion USD (2016) and has 27,000 employees! We helped Boston Scientific with installing, training, and architecting their huge Tableau Server environment.

Boston Scientific hired on Tyler Garrett, Tableau Consultant, to help implement Tableau Server across a massive implementation. We whiteboarded for several days, implemented together as a group, and empowered new Tableau Server administrators. Tyler ensured Boston Scientific understood Tableau Server best practices by keeping training visual and on the whiteboard!

We played as a Tableau trainer and Tableau server instructor Boston Sci’s external partners & internal experts. It’s typical for a company to bring external analytics consultants in on projects with experienced business intelligence consultants available! 

We helped the first major push of Tableau Server at Boston Scientific, strategic implementation, developing documentation, and offered the most optimal method to managing their server based on their specific use case. Which due to the size, generated a significant amount of research! However, the experts at Tableau Software & support helped Tyler offer the best possible solution for their use case.

Tyler managed external partners, and helped management ensure we are following all IT protocols during our implementation.

Before leaving, Tyler was asked to customize his custom Tableau Server apps to fit to their environment and he developed a custom set of scripts that are used to help automate backup, clean, and other various administrative tasks necessary for a large implementation of Tableau Server.

Boston Scientific is one of 80+ Tableau Server implementations Tyler Garrett played senior consultant and advisor to the business intelligence environment.