WordPress Godaddy Plesk could be easier.

Tutorial 5.2 – Installing a theme on WordPress Godaddy Plesk. (Which sucks – we do not suggest it. But if you must, go ahead and give this tutorial a shot.)

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.
Tutorial 5: Install a theme on WordPress.
  -> Tutorial 5.2: Install WordPress Godaddy Plesk.

When installing premium WordPress themes on GoDaddy – be prepared to work a little more than usual.

If you’re installing WordPress on GoDaddy Plex, this is your tutorial.

Due to poor experiences based on 100% of our customers, and our own experience with Godaddy hosting being simply bad for business. We no longer use Godaddy hosting, what-so-ever. We will migrate any Godaddy website for free to a better hosting company!

Getting Access to GoDaddy Hosting

Before jumping into it, a reminder and location of necessary documentation will be beneficial if you’re working with a client or friends hosting at GoDaddy. In this example, I’m helping a friend from college.

If GoDaddy is not your WordPress Theme Host…

It’s a pal or customer. You’re helping them with this WordPress install and you’re working on adding that sexy new Premium WordPress Theme.

Depending on your customer pick one of the following:

The Client is too busy to get on their GoDaddy account information.

  1. Ask for their GoDaddy login, I use LastPass.com and share a secure username and password. It’s free and you can hide the password.
  2. Login to Godaddy.com
  3. Click on their name on the top right.
  4. Click account settings.
  5. Scroll down to find this Delegate Access Button.
  6. Delegate access to your primary email address or existing GoDaddy account. Use the existing account. Otherwise, you’re keeping up with two emails.

Finding Delegate Access After it’s Granted.

I never thought I would need to look for this. Just in case you’re like me and had to click around. Click on your name, click on account settings.

  1. Repeat the previous steps 2-5 and click on the green button.
  2. Scroll down and you see your friends account first and last name.
  3. Click Access Now.
What if the client is not able to delegate access to GoDaddy hosting and doesn’t want to share their account information? WordPress theme install is all the really want!

This is completely understandable and along the lines of what I would be like with my websites and host. This is totally understandable and the steps are similar as before.

  1. Repeat previous steps until you’re at the ‘Request Access’ button.
  2. Click on here and follow along.

This will generate the next step for your customer. Not all customers want this much work and that’s why most webmasters will host websites themselves. A quick tip, if you don’t manage the hosting, then they don’t call you when it breaks!

We just went through a lot of content and we still haven’t installed WordPress. And you may be asking yourself…

Why install a WordPress Theme on GoDaddy?

GoDaddy has great customer service, they will talk to you for a long time if you need it, and the last call I had with GoDaddy customer support was amazing. He was a non-stop explosion of information and I was humbled by how expensive it was to run a web hosting silo at Dev3lop.

They build a great hosting service with years of experience and enterprise experience. You can rest easy. So for those of you who don’t just call GoDaddy immediately and want to see how to do this yourself. Let’s rock.

How to Manage a WordPress Theme Install on Plex Hosting Plan.

To Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

  1. Begin with logging in to Godaddy.com
  2. Click Web Hosting, then Manage, then Go to the Applications tab
  3. Navigate to the WordPress area.
  4. Click Install, left-click the down arrow, and then click Install (Custom).
  5. Pick the domain name
  6. Do not enter the directory where you want to install WordPress
  7. Then click Install.

Don’t Listen to Opinions that You Google when Running a WordPress Theme Install.

Okay, above is a list of steps modified to encourage a best practice when generating your WordPress install. Note that when you add the directory to the blank field, you will be generating a problem on your entire website.

Yes, I changed the words from the GoDaddy WordPress Install Tutorial. Here this tutorial speaks of putting text in this input field. Lean hard the other direction, and leave this blank. Or you will be left with having to reinstall your site.

Here’s what it looks like – http://www.dev3lop.com/wordpress/XXXXX

Everything beyond /Wordpress/ is now your domain name. Yes, I know you didn’t sign up for appending the extra /stuff/ in your domain. At this point, you will only have pages or blog posts living in this part of your link – ‘XXXXX‘.

WordPress Theme Install not on Your Domain? URL is wrong!

If you did this on accident, if you accidentally installed WordPress in a different folder, it’s okay, I know lots of super technical people who have missed that, and that includes me!

Each time since working through that weird user workflow, I was lucky enough to catch it early and we did simple re-installs.

GoDaddy Appears to Fail when Installing WordPress Themes or Plugins

Because normal installations do not work always on GoDaddy. I wanted to make sure I document it the second time around. I hope this helps you avoid the failed installations on Godaddy.

Call GoDaddy support, you can set it up so that they call you back. Or you can do that digitally now. Also, check to see if live chat is working under Help, top right.

I’m a Warrior and Will See This WordPress Theme Install through!

Okay fine, me too! I feel the same way, why would I call them and save countless hours trying to figure stuff out? Just kidding, it’s a nasty habit to want to figure everything out. I do encourage one last time to begin asking them to call you and just get ahead of the curve, worst case scenario you’re still looking at this blog and they call you with a fix.

WordPress Theme Install at GoDaddy – The Hard Way

Considering we want to be able to install premium themes – as GoDaddy regularly fails on any free themes – here goes the tutorial.

Normally I like to start with how I begin finding the bug, but this is a tutorial on working around it. Chances are you found this website because you’ve just received this error.

Simply put, on GoDaddy, fresh Hosting install and no tweaks from GoDaddy support. I rarely see have much success with the normal means of doing the WordPress Theme Install button.

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Web Server at YOURSITEXXXX.com

This is what I call a massive rabbit hole. You learn one way of doing something in WordPress and install your Envato themes like normal. Then you are greeted with GoDaddy hosting, and start to realize how much backend work it actually takes to build a website.Because WordPress as a company follows standards, this allows end users to do the same workflow and be able to maintain

WordPress as a company follows standards, this allows end users to do the same workflow and be able to maintain their plugins, pages, products, etc… GoDaddy breaks this by not providing hosting packages that allow for user-friendly WordPress websites.

WordPress Theme Install Minimum Requirements

Okay, you’ve found your free WordPress theme or Premium WordPress theme Envato. I recommend you buy an Envato theme in the ‘most popular‘ section. Then at least you know you’re not installing something an unsupported WordPress theme.

If you’re a googling wizard you will find other users going through the same problems on GoDaddy community forms. They bring up some very strong best practices. Minimum requirements can be the first step to check.

  1. Try your WordPress Install process on different browsers.
  2. Try a better internet connectivity. #palmface suggestion
  3. PHP version. Great – it didn’t come working.

Manual WordPress Theme Installs Can Be FUN?!

  1. Open your GoDaddy File Manager
  2. Navigate to /themes/
  3. Upload the WordPress theme to GoDaddy File Manager
  4. Unzip the files by checking the box, clicking the more drop down, and ‘extracting’
  5. Navigate to your WordPress theme install front end /wp-admin/ and open the installed themes.
    • On the left side of your screen click on Appearance
    • Click on Themes
    • Navigate to your WordPress theme
  6. Install your premium WordPress theme
    • Visit www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/

Congratulations, if this didn’t work – please contact GoDaddy support. They can leave thresholds to protect you and also keep you within your hosting plan standards and averages. Now you’re tasked with the process of installing the plugins, and if the above errors happened, do not expect these plugins to install as easy as other hosting companies.

I’ll save that one for another day.