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Install tableau desktop

Let's learn how to Install Tableau Desktop and kick-start your data analyst career. The latest 2019.1 installer is similar to the below install of 10.2! Next Next Next 🙂 You will want to download Tableau Desktop before trying this blog. Here's a quick tutorial for...

Download Tableau Desktop

Download Tableau Desktop with these easy steps below. Downloading Tableau Desktop is quick and easy. Start your adventure below and follow along with the steps and screenshots, and begin your Tableau Desktop download in a few minutes. Steps to quickly download Tableau...

How to Install WordPress Theme

Learning How to Install Wordpress Theme with Dev3lop is quick and user-friendly. This is one of many tech tutorials we have built to help our friends and family progress their business. When you need to use a website that will last forever, use Wordpress. We do not...

Split url to columns using Google Sheets

The fast way to Split URL to Columns using Google Sheets. Need to split URL to columns in Google Sheets? As an ETL consultancy, we know the pains of having to "split text" to columns. If I was going to automate splitting to rows, I would grab KNIME, alteryx, or use...


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Most visitors to dev3lop.com are technology users researching answers to a project. The average user session ranges between 2minutes and 16minutes. Our analytics automation training requires no subscription. The download for KNIME is on the home page of Knime.dev and it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Visit Knime.com for more details.