Tableau Public

Unfamiliar with Public? Tableau Public is where Tableau desktop users post content for free, worldwide, sharing capability.

As of late, Tableau Public is referred to the free download of Tableau Desktop, and the free place where you can share your dashboards across any of the desktop products.

After building content with Tableau Desktop, you will want to show this off, but maybe your mate doesn’t have Tableau Desktop?

You created an outstanding data discovery dashboard but don’t want to explain it to your boss, Tableau Desktop would need a ramp up period, and a CEO of a large company may not have time to learn the software.

Tableau Public is an option if the data is safe to share publicly.

Tableau the corporation offers a free place to share this content! Tableau public is very much explained in the name and is a light version of Tableau Server or Tableau Online. It is 100% public and not recommended for sharing proprietary data. Tableau bundles this offering into their reader classification of ‘not supported.’

Tableau Public is a beehive of Talented content

Tableau Public offers easy to access visualizations. It’s the YouTube of data visualizations. We use Tableau Public when we are looking for fresh ideas.

Tableau public is like the youtube of data visualizations

Tableau Public has quickly become the sharing place for the elite Tableau Developer around the world.