Tableau New Orleans Beats Tableau New Features!

Noticed Tableau New Orleans is currently out searching New Features? Tableau New Orleans is a restaurant in Louisiana.

Located on picturesque Jackson Square at Le Petit Theatre, Tableau is Dickie Brennan’s newest restaurant.

Tableau New Orleans Logo

Tableau New Orleans Logo.


Tableau New Orleans on Google Suggested – What’s that about?

We were searching for new Tableau features on google and the first suggestion was ‘Tableau New Orleans.’ Tableau New Orleans has a higher search than Tableau New Features. 

Really no big deal for a Tableau customer.

We wonder how it is for their customers when they type Tableau!

What we thought Tableau New Orleans was going to be.

At first we all thought, maybe this has to do with the Tableau New Orleans User Group. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a location boosted in searches and suggested topics on google. It is surprising however that Google search recommends a restaurant over the Tableau software suite when all of our searches revolve around the software.

What is this Restaurant Tableau New Orleans all about?

Turns out there is a 4 star restaurant bearing the same name. As my eyes scanned over its information, I noticed a cool new feature Google implemented in their search: popular times.

Tableau New Orleans on Google’s Platform.

Google show photos, ratings, prices, and maps.

It also gives users a beautiful analysis of when customers go to the restaurant as well. Google now shows a bar graph for peak business hour time.

This is an impressively simple, and an effective way to augment the summary of a given place.

Alright Google you’re just showing off!

By clicking on the day you can quickly compare and contrast how busy Sunday night is vs Friday afternoon. Useful information if you value your time!

So next time, before you head out to your favorite restaurant only to find out there’s a 45-minute wait, just Google it.

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