After nearly a decade of business intelligence consulting style work, I’m starting to talk about how we got there!

We want you to learn How to Surround Yourself with Good People, and also we explain a few tips for anyone to be more successful.

Good people 101 with tyler garrett and how tips to being more successful

Thanks for reading my blog. My wife and love doing photography in Austin Texas. 

So, today marks a day where we start writing about what we learned from other people.

Because you won’t learn what you need to be successful without networking, meeting people, and finding good people in your life.

I love writing about everyone below because I love them for the good people they are in our world.

Also, they went out of their way and not only respected my wisdom and experience but also made me feel comfortable when I was out of my element.

People who go out of their way to help you improve – need to be saved to your life roller dex.

Being on LinkedIn VS Being in College

Being in College is different, and if you’re dedicated, you will succeed.

If you understand growing with creative people in an inclusive safe environment is important, college is an excellent choice.

It’s not the most important thing, as people nowadays simply spam links to generate a company – luckily Google is starting to crack down a tiny bit on those cheaters.

So – My experience with college was rough.

  • Fun and very challenging.
  • I worked the entire time.

As hard as that sounds, it was worth it.

“You get a chance to define your relationship with people that make you.”

The professors that helped me also taught me the way.

My college professors told me ‘you’re a visionary.’

Living and breathing college teaches you how to communicate with other people.

Just start being around real people!

You will meet more good people, being near good people. Cherish that time.

Good people hug dogs

Being good to others will scale your business, regardless of your setbacks or negative dispositions in your life. Hug a puppy and start eating 3 meals a day dude. That’s for beginners though.

To me good people are:

  1. Respectfully – respect you for your experience and worth.
  2. Kind-hearted – take care of your people.
  3. With Visionary goals – not dreams, goals, with attainable steps, they openly tell you about.
  4. Collaborative and inclusive – stop being lone wolves.
  5. A sense of Humor – improve your social setting with a laugh.
  6. Humble – Be humble.

Heavy hitters will always seem intimidating, and that’s why you should always just block people in your professional career that clearly don’t like your success.

Block all of those hackers, especially any bad manager.

Speaking about this will make you shake in your boots. But it needs to happen so that you can proliferate.

Most are not going to read past the

Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you have anyone not supporting your grand ideas – we will.

Contact us if you need free advice.

Winning is probably the worst thing you can do at a young age – especially managed by people with less experience than you.

You know what I tell the trolls?

‘Don’t be mad because I’m doing me better than you be doing you.’ automated.. reply.. have fun.

I teach people and organizations how to avoid hackers on my other tech tutorials.

Because I get hacked a lot.

That’s what happens when you tell the truth.

Things I would not recommend when choosing your path.

A suggestion, maybe not the art degree – it might be challenging to get a high paying role in tech with an art degree. That’s to say you’re not brilliant and we sure are not trying to sway your decisions. Rather, put them into perspective.

Play an instrument? Maybe the French Horn isn’t paying what it used to.

Now you know why I quit the marching band, I love playing instruments, but have you ever tried to keep a ‘band together’?

I want you to listen to this 2min video edited from a 30min speech by Peter Dinklage.

Peter Dinklage has a lot in common with my career, goals, and path.

My opinion – you earn what you create, not what you take from others.

Thanks, Peter, you don’t know me yet! I bet Peter has a lot of experience cleaning up after Shadow IT teams.

Change Your Major, Change Your Job Title, Have Fun Again!

Changing your major is the smartest thing you can do.

Get into the correct field that gives you the happiness you desire.

A dear friend of mine was handling large concerts in Plano, TX and I thought, “Wow if they can do that without any help, I can do it too.”

Well before I understood what the word funding means.

So, I met my parents neighbor Michael P. Guillory for lunch!

I had this amazing idea to bring in 5 different bands. We grabbed a piece of paper and broke it down.

Did you know it costs a lot of money to bring a band to a show? I didn’t at the time.

Thankfully we have amazing people on our network.

Mike is the Worldwide Corporate Brand Communications for Texas Instruments. Michael, in my opinion, is the most professional, accepting, and creative marketing authorities in the world.

Michael Guillory, Marketing Expert at Texas Instruments.

Michael Guillory, Marketing Expert at Texas Instruments.

Special thank you to Mike G for putting my head on straight at a very young age. Also, thanks for the suitcase you bought me for my college graduation! I worked it good.

And without a dollar to my name, we had a great idea but no funding.

Mike was really an amazing human, to take me under the wing, take me to lunch, and listen to this far-fetched plan.

Mike made me feel creative, and although I was embarrassed, he quickly generated a safe and inclusive environment for me to share my plans, even though I would not actually pursue that in my life.

Michael really loved the enthusiasm, told me my thought process was beautiful and unique.

Michael reminded me of something important. Even without any experience, everyone should be given the opportunity to offer their ideas. Communication is key.

I went to Mike, communicated my ideas, and he gave me feedback I needed to hear.

Mike explained and shared his background, his college history, and that’s when I first realized I needed to work my way up.

But Tyler, I’m an Artist and love the smell of paint.

Guess what, you can be an artist without a degree, and it’s a best practice in 2017 to start getting your work out there.

When researching this topic, I came across this random guy Eduardo, we got to talk, and turns out he’s got a perfect strategy for bringing in customers on Instagram only.

I talked him back into SEO, and he shared his tricks with me!

Meet more good people on Instagram, offer things for free, and enjoy the wave of traffic.

It’s pretty straightforward, just be consistent and be dedicated.

Eduardo puts a lot more effort into how he posts content on his Instagram than I do. And it makes a difference!

Because a smart UX drives more traffic and increases his user experience on his social media account. More clicks, more chance of producing more artists music!

You can build a beautiful Instagram account like my friend Eduardo in Germany.

Instagram will generate more traffic to your business website.

I started last week and already at 300+ followers and 36 new signups.

Music producer and sound engineer.

Eduardo is a highly talented and dedicated producer in Germany. We connected on a Facebook Forum. Eduardo producers award-winning hits for artists around the globe.

I use it to drive traffic to my other company musicblip, where we give away free loops and samples. I can’t rank in music, it has more spam than Tableau ranking.

  • Eduardo is not an art major, just a smart dude. Find people like Eduardo who love networking.
  • Add them, they’re extremely responsive and the coolest dude online.
  • Fast-growing tech companies, with better content than others, are starting out of thin air right now.
  • If you’re not actively using Instagram every day, you’re getting behind. Hashtag, see you later!

Do you like fast cars? Good People Some Times Like Fast Cars!

Fast cars are fun, I had a BMW335i, used, and it didn’t get good gas mileage.

I opened a spreadsheet at work and forecasted my savings. The long-term value for fast cars isn’t a positive outlook.

Started looking at buying gear. What was I thinking buying a BMW on the 68k salary?

The money I saved gas was pretty sweet. So, I started buying synthesizers and building my music studio.

It’s not a technology degree, and if you want a tech job, which is the higher paying jobs, then you ought to jump in there.

Understand college is not for everyone, if someone showed me about blogging, WordPress, or anything like that, I would have never gone to college.