Another New Tech Phrase – Shadow IT

Trending phrase Shadow IT. More like a bottled jar of BS to funnel revenue!

Shadow IT is not as important as they make it out to be.

Don’t believe the click funnel content writers!

Shadow IT – More than another Click Funnels with Ads

Shadow IT is the next rage for large consultancies because of the massive decline in revenue and employees.

Shadow IT is also a great name for fake consultancies who can not do the work in front of you. They go offline and outsource the work.

The reason it’s sounding extreme is that writers are paid to convey a message that speaks to clients avoiding small consultancies.

The message is simple for large consultancies losing money.

Let’s make up something. Slap on some legal jargon. Get quotes from people who don’t have really any experience or technical degrees.

And hope to scare everyone into using classic consultancies.

Small tech shops pop up, outsource work to India, and when all the projects fail they start a new dot com.

Shadow IT in 2017

Shadow IT is a group of individuals working hidden from the IT governance model built by the enterprise or organization. It’s also a good way of describing most businesses in the world.

They hire a tech group who pretends to be good.

They work with them for years.

shadow IT bro's are destroying the market, big ego

Meet the new Shadow IT bro, big ego, and fires anyone better than him. ‘Sup bro, brains?’

Shadow IT – a term someone is pushing by re-writing the WIKI, everyone is buying PPC ads on the key phrase, and the verbiage always leads to the same dinosaur problems the industry is recovering from.

Work with an old slow consultancy, we got you covered.

Another Fad Term with Sponsored Ads all over it

Oh, you haven’t heard about Shadow IT?

Well someone is writing the WIKI to explain it’s a certain way, so it’s a 2017 enterprise consultancy bandwagon funnel.

Big Consultancies Say Scary words like Shadow IT

Shadow IT? We love it, go with it!

Say something scary that helps our declining revenues!

We can scare businesses back into our waterfall-style projects!

Shadow IT zombie

Shadow IT, boo! As scary as a zombie movie. Brains!

I’ve been tasked with finding Shadow IT players professionally. I do have a bit of experience with it; below I’m going to go over what Shadow IT is and why it’s bubbling up on your feed a lot.

Shadow IT? Here comes the new wave of tech terms that you don’t need to know.

You won’t need a bunch of quotes from professionals to get it.

All you need to know is the blimp view, and how to avoid it in your professional future.

The key facts; not everyone will be experienced as their website or LinkedIn leads you to believe.

I’ve uncovered hundreds of fake businesses, and fake LinkedIn accounts this year.

So, the existing businesses with Shadow IT as a service are simply flashy sales and no rubber to burn on the road.

Anyone can update WIKI to say anything, anyone can rank a website on Google, and that does not mean Shadow IT is some big scary problem. It’s not; it’s just going to be embellished a bit because that’s what brings readers attention longer.

Learn about Shadow IT outside of the flashy click funnel strategies

Shadow IT links to funnel end users

Shadow IT is the new wave of scary terms. The truth is, it’s just another click funnel.

We think Shadow IT is more than some big scary law degree problem. It’s more than paying writers to tell stories that are going to be published in hopes to scare commercial business owners into going with large slow moving consultancies, and rather it’s a simple problem of having Shadow IT on both sides of the equation.

Shadow IT and Shadow figureheads

Ever notice the CIO has no information systems background. Me too, they carry around shadow IT, friends and family – to ensure they have a sounding board because they are out of their depths professionally.

Shadow IT has been one of the core reasons I work with enterprise companies.

Some call it cleaning up the garbage; we call it optimizing!

Now, if you have had someone with zero experience or education in technology, yet they are the ones calling the shot, you have a bit more than optimizing to do!

Shadow IT Puppets Bad Decisions

Shadow IT ghost - aged due to time

The ghost Pacman forgot to eat. We know a thing or two about Shadow IT.

What works in POC (proof of concept) or DEV (development environment) might work in production today.

Regrettably shooting from the side of the hip, with zero database experience is the demise of every client who has a real business problem.

It’s just a matter of time before the client realizes this terrible consultancy is wasting their money.

The truth is, Shadow IT is the team looking for easy money, and has a little technical experience.

Fire Shadow IT Gatekeepers – aka Sales People

Every found a sales person who acted like they were professional to trick customers into false hopes and even worse solutions?

Time to learn the hard way, or go with vendors that have tangible experience beyond what they website says. These vendors eat up gatekeeper roles and are looking to be the outsourced team that offers 20% of what you could be getting with a vetted vendor.

Unfortunately shadow IT has never understood a gatekeeper role nor heard of it in college, they generate gatekeeper jobs and destroy any chances of anyone uncovering their nest egg.

Shadow IT – Vampire Project Hours

Shadow IT vampire, sucking the hours out of every project deadline

‘Sure we can do anything!’ One, a Two, a Three, let’s call it 10hrs and bill the customer. Shadow IT is out for profits!

We are cruising down the street, the database is doing great, and the data governance is standardized. Who would throw a transaction in the middle of the day at the production database?

*Cough, cough* enters Shadow IT consultant who has only ever sold software.

Shadow IT just brought the database down.

The door swings open and then enters Shadow IT consultant, ‘Oh hey, seems like the database is going slow. Ask the DBA if something is broken.’

Thanks, bro!

Untrained Shadow IT – Product Consulting Will Never Count as Technical Consulting

Product consultants are destroying databases with unoptimized calculations and even worse data strategies.

The above quote sounds crazy, but I’ve actually heard it from someone who was supposed to be better than me. Given the title was higher, regrettably, that has never mattered professionally when most of our Dev3lop team was programming before they were teenagers.

Shadow IT: ‘Oh hey, seems like the database is going slow. Ask the DBA if something is broken.’

I’ve heard this one before, and they queried the database during an outage period, it threw off a few jobs, and because they were out of order the business ended up having to revert full days worth of data, reporting was way off, and this is just the beautiful part of it.

The client ended up losing money because of this.

Shadow IT Hero 'And now the database is completely offline...' a business executive says across the table in a meeting.

Shadow IT players are querying the database without asking about outage windows! Without a strong background of database outage management, just querying, or just asking for VPN access is a big cart before the horse! Apparently terrible consultancies will have bad consultants, which is why you never see bad advisers getting picked up at growing companies.

Data Governance and Shadow IT do not mix

The IT field is made for anyone and everyone, that’s why things break, and that’s why we are in business!

Random consultant with zero experience will not have a clue. Random consultants will not consider asking a public company about their change management process before making changes to their infrastructure.

You will not ask these types of questions because they do not have tangible experience outside of selling a software or clicking buttons in the software – which makes up nearly 100% of the problem in todays consulting world.

Avoid those teams.

Where did Dev3 learn NOT to be Shadow IT?

Shadow IT monster looks happy about this blog

Run away it’s the Shadow IT monster! Dev3lop has cleaned up after this ooze for the last 8 years.

We learned Data governance in college courses, several years worth of classes and lecture regarding practices and use cases. Then add another eight years of data warehousing experience and data architecture solutions. So, these key words for me are easy to discuss because I’m not a writer researching Keywords.

Rather I’m a technical consultant, who has been the lead consultant for almost a decade.

Big data is a key phrase fad just like Shadow IT.

A means for big consultancies to push down the overwhelming trend of small tech advisers taking their business?

Do they want to scare their profits back up, right?

We feel your pain; I’ve been cleaning up after both large consultancies and small consultancies for nearly a decade.

Our experience with Shadow IT

We have 8+ years of data architecture solutions at enterprise companies under our belt.

We have followed SOX compliance and have founded many data governance strategies still in place today.

Luckily, having so much data experience, I’ve helped shape data governance strategies at massive companies around the world.

We have tons of Shadow IT and Data experience!

We have worked thousands of hours fixing Shadow IT bugs. We learned this in college, and we are not just repeating a key phrase to sound smart.

We are not writers; we are consultants with an endless amount of experience solving Shadow IT.

Please heed our warning when we say Shadow IT is just a right phrase for people without experience on both sides of the equation.

Wiki is a public editable location for people to write whatever they want.

Including Shadow IT players.

Shadow IT is just a right phrase for people without experience

Shadow IT is just a great expression for people without experience – on both sides of the equation

So, please heed my warning when I say Shadow IT is just a right phrase for people without experience on both sides of the equation.

So these key words for me are easy to discuss because I’m not a writer researching Keywords!

Rather I studied data governance while at PepsiCo and helped maintain 3000+ technical solutions and changes across their organization. I managed the SOX compliance aspect and helped support 100% approval from all environments associated with the outage.

Most Successful Companies do not have Shadow IT

Shadow IT back from the grave

Saved a few bucks going with cheap consultants with no experience? Wait until their solution comes back from the grave to haunt you, and now you have to give them more money? What?

A company like PepsiCo had zero percent Shadow IT players.

Everyone carried their weight, and we worked as a cohesive unit.

Outage management and outage approvals were my expertise, and I was lucky enough to work with every middle manager, upper manager, and director of every technical team across the Fortune 49 company.

Big vendors generally have experts internal that can help point out bad consultancies or bad hires.

These are not acquired tastes because you can throw together a dashboard or website for your customer.

When working with successful and growing customers, who are the best in the business at what they do, it’s more than ad-hoc queries and non-sense clicking without lengthy discussions.

Another reason we always look for company logos under client portfolios that are fast growing or revolutionary because we do not want to be involved in a sales team who convinced untechnical staff to hire them into a Shadow IT role.

Working late and VPN just shut off? Shadow IT pushing button!?

I had my VPN expiration changed more times than I can count when I start finding these Shadow IT players. Having never taken a single technology college course and against a young gun who has been programming since 12!?

Mismatched skills are my biggest problem professionally, and that is massively intimidating to those who pretend to be like us.

Shadow IT is my boss!

Shadow IT devil boss

Ever had a boss that was easily intimidated and quick to make problems? Everyone good quit and no one every looked at attrition.

Managers with half my experience and two times my age is a very standard problem – especially when you started programming at the age of 12, but hey they know who they are, and they are aware of their unskilled professionalism caused more problems than success. It’s why everyone quit the team!

Shadow IT boss man or women is making your life harder

They know enough to make my job harder but not enough for us to clean up their mess and point a finger.

Document everything because Shadow IT players internally are sharks, they increase attrition, and upper management has no clue how to query database tables to see that they are the cause of everyone quitting!

Save Shadow IT harassing emails and text messages

These sharks get angry when things don’t go their way, be prepared for bumpy roads ahead if you’re going against one that is your manager.

I still have old manager text messages as potential legal documentation. It was from after quitting jobs where they were still trying to harass me, haha! Just keep track of these documents, take notes, and be prepared for the rough future!

I still have old manager text messages, emails, and IM conversations where they were harassing me and going against everything HR. As potential legal documentation. It was from after quitting jobs where they were still trying to attack me, haha!

Keep track of these documents, take notes, and be prepared for the rough future.

Shadow IT teeth used to fight back

Bite back! Shadow IT boss needs to be dealt with like any dinosaur out of place! Nom Shadow IT!

It’s simple, you then sit on that data until you need it as potential legal documentation. It was from after quitting jobs where they were still trying to harass me, haha! Just keep track of these documents, take notes, and be prepared for the rough future!

No joke here, I even quit the job, they continued to harass me on text messages. Those are great to keep and send to their legal department if necessary. Just keep track of these documents, take notes, and be prepared for the rough future!

Just keep track of these docs, take notes, and be ready for the harsh future!

Shadow IT looks more like the B-team

Ever worked with someone who is also professionally trained or went to college on the same topic?

I know that sounds weird, but I’m not talking about people with art degrees, saying they are doing data jobs.

I’m talking about people with database degrees and call themselves data experts!

shadow IT books from a university

Dev3lop learned databases at a University. Where they teach you to help clients and add value, not support contracts!

If you’re like me, you know what it’s like to be in a career path padded with zero experienced superstars. Ego comes riding in with a few engagements or a couple of notches on their belt.

Shadow IT Eight Plus Years Ago

Eight years ago no one was talking about big data, and while everyone was still not even using Excel yet, Dev3lop founder was building big data warehouses and reporting environments for enterprise companies.

Shadow IT still ran the show, they just had a lot easier problems to solve.

Since then, the software has gotten easier
Shadow IT angry mummy

What’s up, bro? I hope you don’t mind I create a solution and never document it. Keeping you a victim to my value add?

Now, entering the bro consultants and even worse consultancies of uneducated ego machines.

Entering the bro consultants and even worse consultancies of uneducated ego machines.

Well, guess what!? It’s the same as it was eight years ago. It’s just easier for tech bro’s to get our way and make worse mistakes than previous bro architects.

So, shadow IT has not changed in over a decade.

I was also doing data consulting eight years ago, and let me tell you, nothing has changed from then and now, other than products are easier and more solutions need optimization.

Someone who can click = Shadow IT

Loads of consultants are flying into the marketplace without any previous consulting experience. Companies are spawning from this notion and sending its experts in hordes!

Shadow IT roles are available on both sides of the fence, from the sales of the professional service engagement to the person accepting the engagement, nowhere is safe

100% Shadow IT company!

Shadow IT Alert - Avoid bad consultancies

Get alerted to Shadow IT teams by depending on helpful vendors like Dev3lop.

Spotted from a mile away, just look at their LinkedIn. If you don’t see a CS degree or IS degree, you’re not going to be getting long term solutions.

These are short-term solutions that we hope you’re not spending more than $49/hr!

We recommend never spending $150+ on a consultant without at least six years of data consulting, or database/CS degree, and no we do not mean a history selling software.

Look at their resume, and remove the chance of dealing with Shadow IT generating something complex on software that’s made to be easy!

Shadow IT Dominates New Tech Companies

Unfortunately, when you look beyond the ranks of consultants, you start to uncover not a single one of them have any data consulting experience before this endeavor!

That’s a huge disadvantage for customers and disappointing to see in our professional paths.

I remember those days too, and I remember watching people with zero technical experience, slow play their clients for $150+ hourly!

Shadow IT comes from Failed Consultants

Shadow IT never more crow

Never more. Never more of that unskilled consultancy again!

After awhile all consultancies fold, and they fold under the impact of every previous client having to depend on you for solutions you never learned how to implement correctly.

Having never taken a single technology course you’re limited to be trained by non-tech staff for ages, and now your ability to solve is on the ‘fundamental glass legs’ of some trainer that also never was an expert and just learned to click buttons in the software.

Where Does Shadow IT Come From

Shadow IT comes from failed consultancies who generated a trust without any transparency to the company that they have no clue what they are talking about, they just talk, repeat and click stuff.

Shadow IT has no technology experience, losing company money daily

Solutions shot from the hip work great early, but as requirements change, everyone starts to see how complicated they made it.

Shadow IT, like a bad consultancy, expects end users to not be able to figure out what they built. If you find yourself in that boat, it can be anxiety stricken because Shadow IT lead you that way to ensure their money.

No previous experience and Big titles – Shadow IT UNCOVERED

shadow IT monster - one eyed

Shadow IT is starting to frustrated people, now your arms are in the air like, ‘Who hired this guy?’

Shadow IT, aka that unskilled loud mouth that has your title and 1/3 of your experience.

Big titles mean nothing without the experience to back it up.

We see data scientists who never learned SQL, startups who do not have a single tech employee, and consultants with art degrees steering their customers into negative spending situations 100% of the time.

Tell me where culinary and videography 4-year degree comes into play when you’re querying production databases without asking anyone for outage windows. Still using notepad++ and not coloring by language? ?

It’s as bad a bragging about being on one consulting engagement for 3 years, you got one customer touch in 3 years.  ?

Shadow IT to steer us off a cliff

Shadow IT and IS, is driving business, IT and business intelligence departments away from perfectly acceptable solutions, and making them spend an arm and a leg for everything.

It’s the usage of shadow IT figureheads that throw advice from their digital throne.

They are paid to help out some executive or team, and it’s very hush-hush. Their advice hits like a CIO yet there’s not an indication that their input is helping…

B-team gives digital information with no background of troubleshooting, solution architect logic, or even a 101 day of remedial SQL.

Sitting on your digital throne of terrible solutions – shadow IT fails.
Shadow IT digital throne

Shadow IT sits on a digital throne made of zero experience. They are out for easy work and easier money.

A digital throne built on, ‘I knew this fella or played golf with that person.’ These are the shadow IT players plaguing the enterprise and commercial businesses for ages.

The size of the company does not affect their inability to escape these Shadow IT players.

None of it comes from a foundation of experience and knowledge of working with management and IT through critical enterprise engagements.

Shadow IT aka Consultancies are built literally overnight

This Shadow IT consultancy has the depth of their solutions going as far as they can throw it. These consultants don’t depend on others for help, rather they fire people who try to help because that points out their flaws.

Flaws to a customer are like armor for a smart consultancy.

We pride ourselves on being honest about mistakes or not knowing something.

Let me tell you when you have a few decades of someone with zero database degree leading the pack. Then you get to unpeel that onion and realize 99% of it would not be necessary having seen a singular day in a database classroom, shadow IT doesn’t enjoy this and will stop at nothing to see you fail.

Shadow IT builds a lifetime of work for honest consultancies

Luckily this opens a great marketplace for freelance contributors to come in and clean up the mess. Like our Tableau Consulting services are contacted when big enterprise companies need environment solutions or even single workbooks optimized.

Dev3lop Experience with Shadow IT

We have seen the damage of Shadow IT and bad consultants first hand as Tableau Consultants, and we spend most of our billable hours fixing data problems at companies that are 50 to 100 years old. Imagine how bad Shadow IT gets there.

Shadow IT farms businesses with inadequate solutions

Shadow IT has been farming money from companies for decades, and I’ve seen it for nearly 20 years.

Consider the technology over the last five years. I’ve seen a massive increase in easy products.

Anyone can be a tech consultant, you just need a few years under your belt on a software right?I’ve seen a massive increase in easy products.

Wrong, you need a lot more than clicking buttons to understand how a company lives and breathes.

We saw a massive increase in easy products, and that’s why big companies are going to spam out Shadow IT as the scariest thing ever.

All they are doing is paying writers to build content about a topic that is not that proliferate across enterprise companies because generally speaking most vetted companies don’t hire B-team.

Shadow IT made an easier services marketplace!

B-team also opens the market for unskilled professionals to farm businesses and steer them into weak solutions that will be laughable once they hire an expert.

They always do hire someone to clean up that mess, and it’s not unquestionable for customers to look back and make negative remarks about those consultancies, and that’s why it’s important to avoid shadow IT, teams.

Steer clear of new consultancies and Shadow IT players

Shadow IT foot in the door

Don’t let the Shadow IT get their foot in the door. Although knowing where they go makes finding customers easier for Dev3lop!

They are savages to the bottom dollar and have sharked their way into finding a company that’s direct business strategy is sending untechnical employees to pretend they know what they are talking about.

Luckily, ladies and gentlemen, Google and LinkedIn can be used to research their experience. Just realize anyone can say they did anything, its best to follow the career path that means success, not an easy degree, like business admin, art, or food!

What is Shadow IT and why are people talking about it?

Again, they are looking to term this to generate more click funnels, just look at the ad campaigns sitting on shadow IT on Google, they mean to term this as a player who builds something and the organization doesn’t know about it.

Shadow IT content is simply a new fad, just like what they did to the agile method on google. They are pretending to change the verbiage and come off as masters.

SEO and writers get together, they determine a few keywords with lots of clicks, and then look to re-do the wheel.They are pretending to change the verbiage and come off as masters.

Then they are pretending to change the verbiage and come off as masters.

Sorry to say this but anyone can buy a website and pretend terms are something they are not.

Why would anyone waste time to do this? Is it Shadow IT?

Likely it’s not Shadow IT; they are too busy trying to figure out the basics and overcharging customers.

It’s all about money and funneling people into their opinions.

They only wrote content about it, placed it in ranking, and attempted to change what the verbiage means and how it plays out in today’s tech space.

This 100% lead to their company and has been a strong tactic for many years.

Unfortunately, the fad is to teach others how to do these types of take-downs on Google search engines, and this phrase is no different.

We think Shadow IT also has another meaning, more along the lines of pulling strings and steering the company as if they are the truth.