Data Automation

Client Overview

WellCare partners with more than 407,000 contracted providers and manage 4.1 million health care plans. We helped WellCare build advanced Tableau Desktop dashboards to analyze complex data patterns, led multiple projects simultaneously, and acted as a proxy between the Business and IT.

WellCare helped Tyler train a couple of new Tableau product consultants, in the realm of “being a consultant” to the customer. We were able to quickly sprint and develop suites of dashboards, helping Wellcare with backlogged items that were either too complex, or taking too much effort.

WellCare executives quickly caught wind of our development, Tyler’s customer dashboard designs, and generated a new project to sprint on executive dashboards 1 on 1 with VPs.

Tyler developed high visibility dashboards, spear heading requirements to the IT department, while managing multiple consultants output. Other consultants are sprinting in parallel, focused on their strengths as Tableau Desktop product consultants.