Data Automation

Client Overview

Oncor supplies electricity to all of Dallas-Fort Worth and needed a better analytics device for engineers on the field! We helped Oncor see and understand their outage data by generating custom algorithms and a suite of dashboards that offer field engineers immediate access to customer outages.

Working with IT, the business, and executives to understand the tasks or problems to solve. 

We analyzed these problems in a team, worked together on whiteboard, meetings with different business users, and generated an in-depth analysis of the task including outputs and inputs, internal data requirements, and data relationships and formulas. 

We designed the process/applications and also designed the visualizations to test and share the charts for detailed analysis of the solution.

These charts and visualizations are now streamed to engineers managing downtime around the Dallas Forth Worth & surrounding areas.

We are helping support customers with custom algorithms and conditions.

Utilizing Tyler Garrett’s solutions, Oncor continues to establish a thriving BI environment and continue to drive adoption to their new Tableau environment.