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Tyler worked with Goodwill, an organization that employs 300,000 people and was founded in 1902, to build a data warehouse from various data sources and implement an enterprise data warehouse and reporting solution using SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) across three different software applications. The project, which lasted over six months, presented a wide range of challenges, including developing data warehouses and reports, and required Tyler to work closely with senior solution architects, executives, and senior software engineers to ensure that the data model met the needs of the business and did not require complex SQL queries.

A key aspect of the project was establishing a business intelligence culture within Goodwill by implementing BOBJ, which made data more accessible and provided embedded analytics to decision-makers, thereby reducing the time it took to answer questions in the sales, inventory, and HR data environments. Tyler also developed the entire middleware solution in BOBJ Universe Designer and recreated executive sales and HR reports using SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence.

Upon completion of the data warehouse and reports, Tyler trained the senior software engineer on all three software applications and provided ongoing support through one-on-one sessions to ensure successful adoption of the solution. This included the opportunity for the client to request revisions and provide further feedback to optimize their dashboards and reports in Web Intelligence.