Data Automation

Client Overview

Deloitte, founded in 1984, now has over 250,000 employees! We helped Deloitte upgrade their internal PROD/DEV/QA Tableau Server environment, trained the internal Deloitte technology team, and played proxy between business and IT.

A Tableau Partner hired Tyler as the senior consultant for the Deloitte engagement, where Tyler helped upgrade Deloitte’s single instance of Tableau from single node to clustered HA. During the process Tyler also trained the Tableau Partner, who was shadowing, and Deloitte.

Working with Deloitte was an exciting moment, not many tableau consultants can say they have experience helping one of the largest consultancies in the world.

And we are humbled to have been selected to help Deloitte with their Tableau Server upgrade and migration from single node to clustered.

Tyler helped the IT team at Deloitte exceed expectations with their upgrade from single server to cluster high availability, and we did this by documenting the algorithm to upgrading and migrating Tableau Server.

Tyler helped train the internal admins, develop first time documentation to pass on internally, generated a workaround to unnecessary downtime when upgrading, and assisted with the entire migration process via Webex in a 1 week Tableau Server upgrade and training engagement.

Deloitte today is now empowered to continue upgrading their Tableau server implementation independently!