Calbee North America
Web Development

Client Overview

Having expanded into North America from Japan in 1970, Calbee North America became an instant hit with their Saya and Shrimp Chips offering consumers an exciting alternative to regular chips. Calbee, their parent company, controls nearly half of the Japanese snack-food market valued at an estimated ¥400 billion or roughly $5 billion, a year. With their sights firmly set on increasing overseas business to at least 30% of total sales by 2020, Calbee is a global brand with immense growth potential.

Calbee North America
Calbee North America is firmly committed to making snacking a more wholesome enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Their passion is to bring a smile to people by creating naturally delicious snacks from carefully selected, top quality ingredients and they are not slowing down. With new products lined up for launch in 2018 and in the future, they are firmly poised to be the top snacking brand across the continent. We designed their new site to have a simplified and logical navigational flow to improve the user’s journey. The updated copy and optimized imagery also fortify a pleasant user experience by offering quick access to product summary and ingredients.

Harvest Snaps
Harvest Snaps are made from farm direct, non-GMO peas, black beans, or lentils to be a tasty and healthier alternative to standard snacks. Originally introduced in 1999 as Snapea Crisps, the now renamed Harvest Snaps are a go-to snack for millions of North Americans. These mouthwateringly-good snack crisps are available at major retail outlets across North America. When Calbee North America wanted to showcase two of their latest flavors and new packaging for their entire brand line, we were excited to help. We re-designed the site to not only accommodate the changes but also to make it more interesting and functional. We added some animated elements making the site livelier and also redesigned the product location page making it intuitive for shoppers to find their favorite flavors.

Popper Duos
With its first ingredient as Veggies, and a deliciously baked crunch, this new snack brand from Calbee North America is a deliciously healthy treat. No artificial flavors or colors are used to ensure that consumers have a wholesome experience with the natural burst of flavors. For their temporary site, it was important to spark interest and anticipation, and our unique integration of animation elements worked perfectly towards this goal. This approach seamlessly blends with the fun emoji design of the bags which are also animated to create an all-round fun experience for the shopper. We are currently working on version 2.0 that will have more information and exciting new elements for people of all ages.