Enjoy tutorial three – Pick where to buy domain names.

It’s important to pick where to buy domain names, or it will be a hassle for you later.

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.

Did you just say Pick where to buy domain names? Plural?

Oh, snap, we just said domain names, plural. If you’re prepared to buy a domain, then you need to pick where to buy domain names.

get noticed online, Pick where to buy domain names

Pick where to buy domain names and get spotted online.

Buying domains can be addictive, so the first step is to find a good domain finder. We prefer using WordPress’s domain finder.

It’s important that you pick a comfortable place because transferring domains is not easy and takes a long time. Plus, it’s not instant.

We know after showing you how easy it is to buy a domain name and build a website, you’re going to go out, and start buying them too!



Picking a cheap place to buy domain names helps.

Pick where to buy domain names ranking

Pick where to buy domain names and then worry about ranking!

Resellers can price the domains, and it’s good to find the cheapest option when purchasing your domain name.

They are cheap, it’s fun to collect, and it’s, even more, fun to build websites and an audience. When buying domains, think of the long term effect of having 100-200-300 domains in one spot.

Picking where to buy a domain name is easy.

If you want to keep things very simple, sometimes it’s best just to buy your domain wherever you host it.

Although after nearly ten years of technology consulting, I’ve learned it’s best to keep your hosting and domain provider separate.

It makes leaving the hosting company a lot easier!



Pick where to buy a domain online like a pro.

We like to use wordpress.com. To buy domains, although it’s not a best practice by any means, we just prefer using their platform and support.

Pick where to buy domain names revenue funnel

Pick where to buy domain names and build your revenue funnel today.

WordPress does an excellent job of offering suggestions that I do not see a lot of other more traditional domain purchasing platforms. Also buying at wordpress.com allows you to kick start your blog instantly.



Should I kick start my blog on WordPress?

If you’ve decided WordPress works for you, and this is where you’d like to pick where to buy domain names, then let’s get rocking.

Once a domain is purchased on WordPress, you can kick it off and add plans on it.

We want to host this website on a real host where we can manage the backend completely.

That way we can handle the backend and front end, without any unnecessary monthly charges or vendors earning a percent interest off of your income.



Other good options to buy domains.

Google Domains is a great alternative that we have just started using. It has access to things like .dog and also has a very natural user experience.