Website Tutorial – Pick a website platform

Alright, you need to pick a website platform? Unless you’re a programmer, it’s the norm to pick a website platform that is easy to use.

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.

Picking a website platform is easy and affordable! Also, websites are easy.

Drag and drop, plug and play, these are the keys to working from a mobile device.

Don’t go spend any money on a custom website when you can build a full blown professional website in less than 24 hours.

Pick a website platform and add your domain to it

Build your domain on your host after you pick a website platform!

After you pick where to buy domain names, its time to build on the domain.

You have several great options on the market currently. Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Drupal and a few others.

Wix and Squarespace are leading you down a path of the month to month, and they manage everything.

If you’re looking to step off the gas on the backend and look like everyone on the front end, then go ahead and snag one of these.

Pick a website platform, like WordPress!

We do not recommend using Squarespace or Wix.

Pick a website platform

Pick a website platform and build your empire today.

We highly recommend using WordPress.

Currently, WordPress is leading the pack and just hit 60million downloads!

Let’s pick a website platform for your future.

Everything but WordPress has a bit of trouble with migrating, and it seems it costs a lot of money to get content from one platform to another.

Given how much content they make for WordPress, it’s worth starting on the right foot!

Pick a website platform

There are many large marketplaces where teams around the globe build templates, to begin your company or portfolio.

WordPress is a full blown geek out or drag and drop friendly. It allows you to swap between templates or starting points easily.

Why should I pick WordPress as my website platform?

Being able to swap between the ‘trendy modern feel’ back to the ‘flash template with all the animation’ is just a click of a button. WordPress lets your pages, products, posts and media sit separately.

Pick a website platform and get noticed on searches

Want to get noticed in searches? Pick a website platform that doesn’t look like everyone else.

WordPress allows end users to swap their website templates or themes as they call it.

A theme in WordPress is an excellent starting point.

Teams develop themes and support them for users like us.

They have prebuilt pages that give you an opportunity to jump into the product and immediately add your content into a designed website.

WordPress is like Facebook

If you want an easy platform, pick a website platform that’s easier than Facebook!

If you’ve ever quickly posted a picture of something and a comment, you could be earning money right now. Or you could just be adding a photo and 300 words, and publishing it to the globe.

Not everyone is interested in ranking their website to the moon and speaking only on their passions to the global market, and if that’s the case, you can simply hide your site from indexing robots of Google.