Research before you pick a hosting company! Tutorial 4 – pick a hosting company like a professional.

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.

We picked Site Ground over every web host online – we actively migrate customers for free to Site Ground, they also offer free migration.

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  • Dev3lop will explain what it’s like picking a hosting company.

Pick a Hosting Company like a Web Developer

To be honest, most web hosting companies make money off of people who don’t know any better. They outsource the work to other countries for the most part and it’s really hard to get work done.

There’s time wasted and money wasted in the thousands annual because companies hold these peoples website ransom.

Dev3lop Explains how to Pick a hosting company

We have used GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, A Small Orange, and many others.

Below we explain the Pro’s and Con’s from an independent study Tyler Garrett generated while bootstrapping hosting for many websites and conducted business with them.

Picking a Hosting Company Explained

Today, hosting companies are all over, and anyone can offer hosting services. Tons of large companies own smaller affiliates.

I’m not an affiliate of Site ground, rather I’m just able to pass a referral id in my link. It’s up to you to honor that usage.

I’m merely a business owner who has suffered hundreds if not thousands of hours dealing with BBB Claims – customer support chat – and thousands of emails trying to make WordPress websites work on hosting companies around the globe.

We finally found an affordable company with good customer support. Good support is everything when picking a hosting company. that’s really the most important aspect of the equation, along with the website working.

This is why we believe it’s most important aspect of the equation, along with the website working. And you will be surprised most companies fail to work correctly, funneling you closer to having to spend thousands for remedial work to be done.

The big box stores like Godaddy and Hostgator, which have hundreds of thousands of customers and worldwide support, offer hosted computers that can run your website or sites.

Picking a web host – Use Cases from Dev3lop & Dev3 clients

  • GoDaddy, for example, has been the biggest failure for our websites and our clients too. They do not offer refunds and are strict about their policy. Strict on refunds, even if their service fails to work.
    • Pro: Support will teach you how much more they know than you – and generally it’s pretty friendly.
    • Con: Slow to build websites, even the maxed out WordPress plan is slow, tons of bottlenecks that force you to do manual web development and it can be very complex. It’s costly to any business owner. It’s always a pain in the ass to build basic sites on for an average end users and advanced users prefer other routes.
  • Bluehost
    • Offers 100% refund at any time
    • We spent more time troubleshooting than building websites.
    • We had to troubleshoot into their plan being broken from the start, and a little assistance from the support without being told we needed to spend more money for advanced help.
    • Pro: Support is friendly but funnels to more purchases VS fixing broken purchases.
    • Con: More time spent troubleshooting than building a website. They have a lot of convincing content regarding Bluehost being the best, with lots of ‘data and infographics’ – but when the rubber meets the road if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.
  • Hostgator
    • We did not like the customer service, and we quit nearly immediately.
    • Pro: Refund happened.
    • Con: Terrible customer service. Not worth the time.

Our current hosts and most used hosting companies.

We are still locked into a GoDaddy host like many of our clients. We have found Site Ground is a better option but believe all hosting companies will have dud support reps or sales engineers.

We highly recommend avoiding SEO advice or business advice from any support chat, regardless of what they appear to look like online.

We have seen the best hosting companies offer the worst ideas that would have caused outages or major problems. Dev3lop takes that opportunity to help train that teammate on a better solution and don’t always take their word for granted because we have experience working with 100+ customers.

Outages are accounted for and hosting companies are not extremely accountable. There is no governing body over what they offer. We just want to suggest learning to how to host a website before you outsource it to some team.

A Small Orange VS Site Ground – Picking a Hosting Company Pro’s and Con’s

Both companies are easy WordPress hosts. We believe a good sell at ASO is worth stopping and picking up something you really need, and outside of that – we choose Site Ground for everything from here on out.

  • A Small Orange or ASO
    • We were put on hold for over 8months waiting on a dedicated server.
    • We did get a refund, and we were refunded for poorly installed SSLs.
    • We think ASO is a great working – User-friendly host.
    • We just prefer instant access to client support.
    • A Small Orange is a very fast hosting company, with an HQ based out of Austin, TX but the core reason we joined was for customer support. ASO does not have onshore technical support interfacing with clients, and we quit.
    • They have limitations in their plans and they do not explain that up front, also they immediately outsourced 100% of our customer support.
    • We did get to keep our VPS, which was not working properly out of the box, and we have refunded the difference.
    • It took months to speak to someone that could move the needle and explain everything.
    • Pro: It was great while it lasted.
    • Con: Customer service is 100% outsourced and everything takes forever.
  • Site Ground (We offer a discount in our referral link – I wish someone would have given me this years ago)
    • Fastest for WordPress websites.
    • Even a few others best for other drag and drop builders – but we only use WordPress because it’s very user-friendly.
    • They are heavily supported. Support will help with more than any web host on the market – you instantly talk to experts with loads of experience.
      • If they don’t work out, you can escalate to a more senior member, instantly.
      • No waiting for 40mins+ like Godaddy the other hosting companies. This is instant customer service and it’s 24/7.
    • Pro: Honest customer service, fastest rated because they are and that’s tested by many – not just a couple of websites saying stuff. It works 99.9% of the time – and that’s saying a lot considering how much time it takes to troubleshoot these hosts when they break.
    • Con: We will be the first to let you know if this has any cons. Right now we are hitting the ground running for every customer that has migrated.
unlocking the right hosting package

Picking a hosting company is like picking a locked vault.


We only recommend Site Ground (our discount referral link).
We tried everything and nothing compares.

They offer three plans consisting of cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting packages.

All which is great, if you’re getting hundreds of thousands of views a week!

Never buy expensive hosting for new websites.

If you’ve not purchased hosting or want to learn about hosting your website by buying space from an online vendor, just know there’s a heavy burden of work ahead of you.

Picking hosting is like picking a locked chest.

You can either throw money away and get sweet talked into purchasing a lot of digitally crap you won’t need. Or research more and find out a lot of hosts are crooks!

Check their BBB reports and comments.

What is Web Host? Why do I need to pick a hosting company?

Your web host is like your computer.

The device you’re on right now, and if you’re on your cellphone or laptop, it’s the same concept.

Web hosts are virtual computers hosting your website.

You need a computer to hold your site content and display your content on.

Companies around the world host these machines and sell them for overpriced rates to unsuspecting customers.

They offer a flat rate for the first couple of months, and then after that, you’re stuck with a one-year to a three-year contract.

A contract that does not expire when the service breaks or stops working for you, and they make sure you sign documents stating that before hand.

Crazy right? Well, that’s the small text people are starting to read and learning they need to migrate their website!

We offer Free website migration. If you’re already dealing with a bad host.

A home computer can be a web host.

It’s overpriced to host websites at home and have to handle the equipment. Now you can spend dollars a month for a computer hosted in the cloud.

Because there is zero transparency with these vendors, we offer a service that cuts through the lines and helps you find the correct host for your needs.

Imagine you open your computer and save a text document, you drag and drop a picture in the same location; you save both of these files to your Desktop.

Is my computer like a web host?

Almost! The visual on your screen, your Desktop or Mobile device, is currently acting as your hosting company for this text file and image file.

Computers are similar to web hosting.

If your computer gets coffee on it, what happens to those files?

They disappear? Or was it backed up?

Hopefully, this scenario got you thinking about backing up your website. Siteground offers free backups, and it’s already setup for you, you will not need to keep up with these backups.

Your Computer or Mobile Device is a lot like a hosting company.

Your computer and cell phone are a lot like a host, in the website business. Your Desktop and Mobile device stores content in folders, and your desktop is no different!

Your hosting company will be your website host

They provide computers with allotted hardware and software resources for you to manage.

So, similar to other folders on your computer. It’s a directory. When you host your website at a hosting company, you’re putting that word document with the picture and text in it, live for others to open and experience.

It’s a big directory of information.

Hosting can be an advanced topic for beginners

Hosting is advanced when dealing with bad hosting companies. Hosting companies pitch expensive gear to web owners who can afford it rather than need it.

That’s why it’s important to pick a hosting company that keeps it simple and has the least amount of downtime.

We recommend Site Ground over Godaddy, A small orange, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

Siteground is the fastest and most reliable hosting team available.

Why Siteground is the best hosting for every Website business.

Siteground is fast on the draw with customer service and will help you more than any company on the market. For free, and that comes with hosting, and I can not recommend them enough!

They lower downtime across every managed website and are die hard fans.

They will help with hard backend work making it user-friendly for business users.

Site Ground is the fastest and most reliable hosting team available.

Do you feel prepared to pick a hosting company?

This is where rubber starts to meet the road. If you choose the wrong hosting company, you will be stuck with a website that’s not operational and customers who either can’t get ahold of you or not coming to your site.

Picking a hosting company is where the rubber meets the road.

If you choose the wrong hosting company, you will be stuck with a website that’s not operational and customers who either can’t get ahold of you or not coming to your site.

Having the wrong hosting company can be the difference between a successful month or a month of talking to people in support and getting nowhere.

Sitting on a support chat for a month may not be something a business owner can do and run their business, and that’s why it’s important to pick a hosting company that has a good BBB track record.

Select a hosting company is crucial

We have spent countless hours in support chats, and have used over six different hosting companies before we found the right hosting company. Picking a hosting company is no joke.

Because hosting is one enormous cascading effect of spending money, especially if you’re only listening to the hosting company, we made these tips.

No matter whether it’s sales, technical support, or billing. Everyone has an agenda to funnel you into something that earns them more revenue.

Picking a hosting company after buying a domain name.

You have a domain name, you selected your platform, and now you need to host your domain name. A healthy tip to know – your domain name is never going to break, what breaks is your host!

Pick a Hosting Company with Great Support!

Often hosting companies will be the next thing sliced bread and everyone will tell you to host your website there. Regrettably, as they expand to 100k customers, they have to outsource their support chat overseas, and this becomes a massive burden for consumers like you and me, and waiting an hour or days to hear back is not enough.

Regrettably, as they expand to 100k customers, they often outsource their support chat overseas, and this becomes a massive burden for consumers like you and me, and waiting an hour or days to hear back is not enough.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of technology experience to fund or build a hosting company, and that’s why nearly most hosting companies are not worth your time.

Don’t Jump into it when you Pick a hosting company

Research their BBB claims, research the negative comments, and research their direct customer feedback.

If you see a lot of negative comments, read it and see if it

We want to move the needle, but they are talking about having to email someone and putting us in line? I waited over eight months to hear back from ‘management’ once.

Before You Pick a Hosting Company.

Before you go and choose a hosting company, it’s good to know that not all hosting companies are created equal and there is no governing body overseeing their transparency to the customer.

Anything goes!

People pay varying prices, and it pays to wait for a discount day like Black Friday.

A bad hosting company story.

My close friend who runs a very successful cleaning business with hundreds of employees and has a website managed by an outsourced team.

He told me a story that he was waiting upwards of 3weeks to get his logo changed to the correct spelling. And they had been in business for years.

That’s why we stick with 100% WordPress websites because changing your logo is easy as pie.

Already picked a hosting company and think you should spend less?

That’s cool, if you’re paying a lot monthly, we can help you save money.

Siteground and Dev3lop offer free migration with every purchased plan and $30 per website after that.

That means if you’re on any hosting company currently, we will migrate you from that host to your new host!

We will Migrate Your Website from any Hosting Company for Free.

Dev3lop or Siteground support is readily available to help you in all aspects of managing your website. Also, backups are included, we even provide backend support and help debug your site.