Dominate when you Pick a domain name!

Pick a domain name to build your blog today

Want to blog? Pick a domain name.

Okay, time to pick a domain name. When you pick it – dominate it!

Here at dev3 we offer premium website services and also empower our clients to have their own websites – free of speed bumps and time sinks.

Picking a domain name is just the first step to earning revenue on organic traffic.

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.

Learning about domain name basics and domain name history

The beginning part of your domain can be something like your company name or something entirely made up. The end of your site, sort of like the extension on a filename, is called a generic top level domain or gTLD.

Some of these have restrictions gTLDs, geographic and even professional requirements.

For example .pro requires you to be a government employee or government business



Before you pick a domain name, be careful and research.

Pick a domain name with confidence using a vetted company to buy domains from.

Some domain name providers look questionable and should be avoided before you pick a domain name!

Just be wise and go with trusted vendors like Godaddy, Google, WordPress, etc.

A unique domain name gTLD.

One of my favorites is a unique one based out of a remote country. The .mo gTLD, .m requires you to sign up on the website that says it can take up to 3months to register the domain, that’s because .mo comes from Macau’s country code.

Also, the site selling the .mo extension and the ones like it, look like a scam. Be careful if you’re going the .mo route, it seemed too risky to me.

The short and straightforward of a way to pick a domain name is typing the main word in domain finder, and see if anything is available. We use domain finder.



Pick a domain name for your next big web project!

We will guide you through some tips, ideas, and things to avoid below.

Pick a domain name and link to your shop

Want to sell your shoes online? Pick a domain name!

Lots of domains and lots of opinions on how to choose a domain name.

You can buy short names, multiple words, names with SEO words, names with funny extensions like .ninja, and new domain types are popping up with the addition of new countries joining the internet revolution.

Ranking will be the same no matter the website name.



Picking a domain name – it’s inexpensive and easy!

These domain names are very reasonable, and it’s worth the investment if you think it’s a good idea.

Don’t wait and give it up like I gave up my .com to someone like I did. They told me my artist name was going to cost me $5k!

Regrettably buying my artist name at the age of 12 wasn’t relevant.

online shop Pick a domain name

Pick a domain name and build your online shop today.

I laughed at them and bought .net instead; it doesn’t matter what the end of the domain name is, Google will rank .ninja and .dog the same as it would a .com or .net.

Currently, these websites dominate the top ranking simply because they were the first ones in that position. Don’t let that keep you from buying a domain name.



Pick a domain name with squatters

Pick a domain name with people squatting on the dot com. This ensures zero competition on your domain key phrase, and it also means people have given up on this domain too.

Lots of website dot-coms have been purchased and squatted on, don’t let this make you run away from your dream.

Squatters on your company name is a good sign.

Someone made the decision because it was a good purchase, you can buy the .net knowing the domain name went through some vetting process already. So, when someone buys the dot com and squats on it, everyone thinks that’s a sign to avoid using that word or key phrases, but to us, it’s a sign to buy the other domain.


Squatters help you Pick a domain name!

I use this as a means of research to determine if it’s worth it currently it is.

If the primary domain name has a squatter selling the dot com, buy the other domains and build a company!

I don’t mind buying the domain because someone thought it was a good idea already. The research is done for you at this point.

A tool to sell the domain, I’m happy to buy the other domain extensions and help these website scalpers with their devalued investment.

Pick a domain name with keywords

The keyword isn’t necessary for your domain name, and it doesn’t hurt.

We like to buy domains based on the topic or key phrase if applicable. We believe it helps end users remember to come back.

For example;

I’m offering to build a hip shopping spot in South Austin an e-commerce website for free.

More about this shopping place. They have a great sandwich menu, and I’ve been eating these for years.

Also, so has thousands of others.


Buying the sandwich domain name the client!

An affordable gift when bringing a demo to the plate, and offering it to them as their final product is even sweeter if it fits their company well.

When you search for a good sandwich domain, not much is available, so I decided to go with ‘sandwhich!’

To my surprise I found one!

Jackpot domain purchase?

I was excited to see there was a .co available too. The .com rerouted to nothing, and I think it would be a great investment for this hip sandwich market!

pick a domain name sandwhich

Pick a domain name at; their domain finder offers a great selection of expensive options.

To eat at this shop requires you to call in your order or travel to the store and order in person. It would be great just to hit a button and show up in five minutes to pick it up. In the next few blogs, I show you how to do that.

Companies buy and sell domain names!

You can also buy and sell domain names.

Right now, companies are on the lookout for ways to profit on mom and pop shop areas.

Just know the world has been buying up domains and selling domains for a long time. I was lucky enough to purchase the domain a year back that sold for $1.8k.

In the store, they have an incredible selection too, and in my opinion, would make a strategic website to build and potentially become their website guy!