What’s up, Austin SEO Expert here! Another great blog about setting up your business with Google Analytics!

One thing I’ve learned about Austin SEO is that it’s really important to get your Google Analytics setup before sending people to your website.

Truly Google Analytics is the right path when building a website. You can use Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress to get started (free – and domo built a billion dollar company off of fake blogger websites, so you’re allowed to do whatever you want.)!

Btw, Not a single blogger authority figure tells your about this because then they would have a crap load of competition.

How to Install WordPress Theme

Build a gmail account first – then sign up for blogger.com and make your first blog.

Blogger is a great way to get started, and if you have a business website, be sure you follow along here and get your Google Analytics setup correctly.

You will be prompted to have an account, sort of like my Google+ account.

Google analytics logo

A Google Analytics tutorial by Dev3lop.

We share a lot of great support articles written by Google because we want you to learn the free and easy way to building revenue with insights.

Increased impression, like the graph below, the graph shows an increase in impressions on Dev3lop.

A quick warning about increasing web traffic, you’re also decreasing it from someone else.

Our tutorial explains the spam in google ranking, how to setup google analytics, and where to go to find everything you need to increase your revenue.

Dev3lop.com Uses Google Analytics to Increase Rank and Revenue

google data studio dashboard by dev3lop

Everyone wants to see their impressions growing week over week on Google Analytics. But first, you need to setup Google Analytics! Here’s a quick snapshot of our favorite dashboard internally. Austin SEO experts know how to increase your ranking!

Our competitors have taken notice of this, and our malicious login increase grew at the same rate as this data!

Increasing Google Ranking comes with the good and bad, we use Akismet, and it protects against any upset competition.

This Google Analytics Setup should increase your revenue and competitor awareness.

Be sure to start increasing your password security because your competition will start hiring people to mess with your website and sales funnels.

We offer simple Austin SEO Solutions and the only Austin SEO consultancy that doesn’t cheat to rank. We will help you boost your revenue and increase your competitor awareness.

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Setting up a secure password is easier than setting up Google analytics.

15 characters minimum should be a starting point.

Here’s an example of our passwords:


We’ve blocked 106 malicious login attempts this month.

Google analytics increased my traffic so much the Competition tried to hack my Account

LastPass keeps track of 100% of our passwords and offers multiple authentications per device.

But when I mentioned that – it also painted a target for the competition to attack me.

I talk about LastPass openly, and that’s why someone in China tried to hack my account this week. Proof below.

Likely this is a competitor spoofing their location and just has a little too much time on their hands. Are you ready for that?

Hackers gonna hack, here's a report from last pass

When you are getting hack attempts from China, you know someone is angry. China hackers are 1 of many attempts. Hope you got thick skin in the digital age.

Please read everything to increase your revenue and Google ranking.

Googles team generate well-written content and will help you accomplish this without spending a dime.

What to search can sometimes be locked up by Austin SEO experts.

Learn how to setup Google Analytics with Dev3lop and Google Support tutorials we break down below.

Fair warning – Be careful when setting up Google Analytics because the Google search information in the ranking has been the same for some time.

Take it from a couple of Tableau Consultants, and read up on how there is a lot of odd information in your next few Google searches that will either save you money or waste your money and time.

how to setup google analytics and an analysis of the keyword

Google analytics is the best step for any website owner. We explain below that sometimes these common keywords also come with a lot of sales funnels. We asked an Austin SEO expert for the keyword analysis to steer you in the direction of success better.

Nearly all digital marketing agencies own these top level queries because that is their bread and butter!

These top searches are worth millions the smaller the keywords become.

Google Analytics, a free app, lost in a sea of sales.

They have a team of writers building the content in the top spots, and not data experts.

Your research from this point forward are million dollar top sales funnels, and they are going to tell you enough to make you scary.

Before Researching – Here’s a Google Analytics Warning

Next steps at every website are spending money and truthfully 90% you may not need to build a successful business.

Already know about the spam in the top Google Pages right now?

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That is because they know how to optimize their website and people are talking about it!

Loads of this content is out-of-date and may cause you downtime.

learning how to setup google analytics is full of spam

Google Analytics is free, yet 100% of the people on page 1 has generated a ranking difficulty of 53. That is a spammy high ranking. I thought analytics was free.

Why? People googling Google Analytics how to are looking for help with a business.

Large companies pay millions a month to maintain these top rankings.

You should see the Austin SEO keyword difficulty. Get out of town it is all 70 to 90.

Want to see a ranking of a keyword?

Contact us for a free session on keywords.

These end users spend significant thousands a year to make technology work, so it is easy to steer people the wrong direction.

At Dev3lop we show our clients how to pay <$200 for three years spent – we help our end users more than these big companies because it is our core goal.

Digital Marketing is full of Spam, and Quality Blogs Are Rare!

That is why you see Super Models pretending they are building a company with Wix or Squarespace on Facebook ads now.

There’s big money in the business of building Google analytics. Picking a domain is no different.

A free tool built by Google.

Here’s what people are researching for Wix. A zero score with google analytics… Terrible news for anyone on Wix!

keyword difficulty for how to setup google analytics for wix, bad news for wix

The difficulty for how to setup google analytics for Wix rated at a zero. That means no one is building spammy sales funnel here. Bad find for Wix users, time to swap to WordPress.

Congrats on getting this far and wanting to learn about Google analytics.

I find myself in Google analytics for 1-2 hours per day and taking hundreds of screenshots of it to send to clients for instant glimpses at what’s happening.

Learning how to setup Google Analytics is Very Challenging Currently.

When you are looking at top rankings for the major subjects in million or billion dollar revenue streams, million dollar companies heavily guard these key phrases and knows how to destroy negative news.

It is a digital battle ground of 10 years worth of building their ranking extremely high.

Quality content is starting to rank greater than spam.

Tens of Thousands are competing for the Top Ranking spots for “how to setup google analytics” because it is the entry point to learning about search engine optimization.

Why did Dev3lop build a ‘how to’ for GA? 

Because the top ranking for this position earns thousands of clicks per month and they use that to profit.

Their analysis of the product is sound, but they only offer a funnel to product services which isn’t putting the end user first.

Also, the authors do not have a Database degree, relevant experience, or any data consulting experience.

Learning Google Analytics is plagued with Spam.

Everyone can see how many people search this topic. That is why million dollar companies own the top rank.

Yeah, tons of spam, but truly you need to get through this because it is the #1 thing to do to a website!

Of course, you need to host your website.

We have a 60% off discount for hosting that we offer to everyone publicly.

<$140 for 3 years of the best hosting possible.

Google analytics the number one step for every website

Google analytics is the best thing you can do to your website after hosting it. We recommend hosting the site first, then applying SSL, after that is done, build your google analytics. 

So, back to this spam city.

These terms earn big money.

The Spam surrounding Google Analytics explained!

Spam is not bad; it means you are on the right track! Typing these words means you’re about to spend money or will invest in your website, and a lot of people are there to offer you things you don’t need.

Top Google pages can sometimes be out of date, and that is hard for end users because they may spend hours on a given task. Then you may find out 2015 Google released that the strategy or concept no longer applies.

It is not about the tech working; it is about the clicks flowing to peoples websites.

Sure, Google ranks number one, it is their index, but second, third, fourth, are all associated with company revenue and not end user proliferation.

Companies offer great products or services, but none of them are necessary at this stage.

Researching how to setup google analytics is properly plagued with out of date content.

Most of our readers are customers, friends, and use our website services. We send this blog to them.

Most of the niche Google Analytics topics – hidden from public eye

We want our clients to Learn How to Setup Google Analytics without any assistance. However, must also explain what’s happening in the ranking game.

These companies never really dive into the weeds because they are merely looking to generate a funnel for leads and ad space.

That is why everything may end up taking several blogs before you figure out what you needed in the first place.

We hope to change the ranking by offering a simple walkthrough.

Also, corresponding blogs to help you implementing Google Analytics.

Learn how to setup Google Analytics with Dev3lop, a big piece of our tech tutorials.

It takes less than a few minutes to setup Google Analytics, and it is important to maintain ownership of your Google Analytics account too.

Setup Google Analytics by Googling it!

Yes, you can learn how to setup google analytics by first googling it!

how to setup Google analytics googled! click the image to travel to analytics google.com

Click here to start your first step. We enjoy showing you how to setup Google Analytics free of affiliate spam and product offerings.

You need a Gmail account to start Google Analytics implementation.

how to setup google analytics

Gmail account creation, a screenshot of their support form. Click here to go to that page and setup your Gmail account. Get stuck? Use our Developer live chat.

Don’t run away from setting up a Gmail account. They are number one for a good reason. Google does many things right.

Let’s Create Your Google Account

We need you to create your Google account before you can dive into Google analytics, it takes less than 2minutes, and the form is of course very user-friendly!

They built their user creation process by studying more than likely by analyzing the Google Analytics data created by billions of users going to this web page.

Setup gmail for google analytics account - need gmail first

Time to start jumping into the signup form. It takes <2minutes to make a Gmail account. Creating your Google account is easy, do not fear the Google.

  1. Sign in and follow these steps with Googles Add an account Tutorial.

Google Analytics is heavily documented and rather straight forward.

Google Analytics is a simple layering of permissions too.

I need to protect my business and so do you.

The hierarchy of accounts, users, and permissions become very important as your company starts to thrive.

They offer an excellent explanation of the hierarchy of auditors in the Google Analytics support.

Why you may wonder because you may want to be able to delegate or add users in the future and quickly remove access.

Google Analytics – Accounts

Your GA account is your point of access for your website intelligence.

Also, it is the most top level of the hierarchy.

Your whatever@gmail.com = your highest level of access.

Let’s explore the granular details of Google Analytics Accounts!

  • GA requires at least one account to access the analytics
    • Don’t give your primary access point and protect this password with something complicated.
    • Use LastPass – it is free.
  • You can manage your accounts however you see fit.
  • Two options explained here in a technical deep dive by Google.
    • One-to-one relationship of one account/one property.
      • We use the one to one when clients prefer to own their Google Analytics account.
    • One-to-many relationship of one account/many properties.
  • You can have multiple Analytics accounts.
  • Follow along with Google as they guide you through and be sure to sign up for one at www.google.com/analytics.

Google Analytics – Properties

For the sake of our tutorials, a property is a website. Google goes on to also cover mobile applications and devices such as point-of-sale devices (tech level = developer).

  • In your Google Analytics account, you can add the property or website relevant to you.
  • Google generates a simple code, and most Google Analytics apps do not require you even to copy and paste the code.
    • In WordPress, nearly every Google Analytics app offers a simple connection and approval system. The system generates a validation code. You paste the validation into the app and done.
  • Google maintains the code or Tracking code. Do not share this with anyone; you may not need to do that right now.
  • The code or Tracking system contains a unique ID that Google generates – for the capturing process.
  • Save the Name of your Property the domain name if you have many domain names.
    • If you do not have a domain name, you must eventually learn about picking domain names before aspiring to google analytics.
  • From Google Website “Analytics also creates one unfiltered view for each property you add.” Sounds legit right? They cover everything. Learn more about adding features to your Analytics account.

Back to the Google Analytics Implementation

If you don’t already know you will need a hosting company to host your website. We discuss how we pick a hosting company.

There’s an expectation that you’ve made it through the content above. If not, contact us.

  1. Open admin panel. Bottom left of the screen. Click this image to open your management panel, assuming you’re logged into your browser or Gmail in your tabs.

    admin button screenshot from google analytics

    Click to open your admin view

  2. Drop down properties tab and select New Property.

    learning how to setup google analytics with dev3lop screenshot of google analytics setup

    How to Setup Google Analytics is helpful with screenshots! Here’s a screenshot explaining where to click! You’re almost done.

  3. Input information about your website. We do this for our website service clients.

    learn how to setup google analytics setting up your property

    Learn how to setup your Google Analytics property and type in your information in the blanks.

  4. Click the blue button – Get Tracking ID only if you know your Google Analytics app requires it. We prefer using free Google analytics apps by DeConf – a WordPress app team.
  5. Close this down, don’t save anything. You don’t need to keep any of this code if you use DeConfs free WordPress plugin.
installing google analytics is easy! only a few steps. The end screen after building a new property

Use free apps when using Google Analytics to start. We use Tableau and Google Data Studio to consume analytics data. Also, the analytics console itself has excellent analysis we prefer using over our BI tools. Click to blow this image up.

Now Google just gave you code for Google Analytics

Ignore that code unless you’re a programmer.

You won’t need it today!

If your web developer is requesting it, contact us we will offer free website service advice, and help you keep your analytics data safe.

Also, this is where a lot of people will stop because it looks complicated. They go back to Googling.

Remember what we said about all that spam and companies owning the top charts.

Choose your next few searches sparingly because it’s a comprehensive set of keywords with millions spent monthly on advertising and Austin SEO help.

Learn how to add your Google Analytics to WordPress next.

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