How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress is like icing on the cake. Luckily WordPress is extremely easy to use, we will use it for life, and all of our customers use it.

Our how to video covers the basics and the steps below cover the steps in WordPress.
Embed Link in a Picture on WordPress and offer landing pages.

Landing pages offer an end user a simple experience.

The beauty of building a landing page with WordPress is that – you own the keys to the adventure.

When you need to Embed Link in a Picture on WordPress, they make it easy enough for just about anyone.

Quick Steps: Embed Link in a Picture on WordPress.

Here’s a quick way to embed links to images on your WordPress blog.

If you need to learn how to center images, we offer a how to center in WordPress tutorial too!

Embed Link in a Picture on WordPress Steps 1 through 6 should steer you in a good direction when you’re in a blog post or page.

  1. Click Add Media – at the top left of your blog post.

    add media button on wordpress

    Add media to WordPress button.

  2. Click Upload Files at the top left.

    embed link in image on wordpress

    Top left click upload or you can drag and drop, which is what I prefer to do. I save everything to my desktop and then organize it in Adobe cloud, which offers a folder I organize on any of my devices with free Adobe apps.

  3. Click Select Files.
  4. Find the image you need to embed links into, Click the image, and Click Open.
  5. Click Custom URL and paste the desired path you wish your end user to travel.

    screenshot of wordpress image edit

    Use the drop down to click on custom URL. Click this image to see the larger version.

Building websites may not be for everyone – we offer low rate website services that are more affordable than Godaddy.

Embedding Links in an Optimized Picture

Warning, if your images are bigger than 1mb, that’s not okay, and your competitors (from an SEO perspective) will optimize their images and beat your ranking quickly.

You can get away with it during development phase but after that, we need to optimize the images.

If a website takes more than 3-5seconds, end users will close the site, and they say most people will never come back again.

Embedding links is also a form of SEO optimization and plus a heavily spammed feature saturating the internet. We discuss how to avoid getting the wrong images in our Tableau logo blog.

Be sure to optimize all images, to increase your Google ranking.

Don’t know a lot about Google ranking? We have a beginners guide to learning about Google Drive and other products.

Optimizing images in our career is crucial – How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress Needs to Cover Image Optimization

Even working Tableau consulting engagements I’m left with moments in Tableau desktop where optimizing images in Tableau desktop is crucial to increasing end user website speeds.

  • Side note: We talk a lot about Tableau – if you are interested in easy analytics the trial is free, check out the pricing. We are huge fans.

End users like fast websites.

We strive here at Dev3lop to provide a very fast website to increase our Google speeds.

Just because I throw this visualization down with a screen shot doesn’t mean I can get away with not optimizing it to be downloaded quickly by the end users of the website!

For example here are the impressions and our new record having Sunday be our record day! When it has been our worst day because people do not search as much on Sunday.

The visualization below shows many great things to celebrate for a little growing company! Now if it wasn’t 22kb, you would have probably left the website.

We use Google Data Studio screen shots for links!

A quick and simple way to offer a landing page to Google data studio could be offering a screenshot until they offer embedding features!

We like offer our website customers their google analytics on a platter.

We embed the media image file URL in this screenshot.

Cool user experience advice: This allows us to offer mobile content and offer end users an easy means of opening it and returning with the usual back button!

embed link in google data studio visualzation - dev3lops google analytics

Our impressions and how we would use one visualization and make it a single link. Update that screenshot until google releases the embedded update! We love making awesome dashboards. Click this to open the chart and see the numbers. These are daily impressions on Google searches! Moving on up! How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress video attached should be helpful for any new link builders.

This goes to show the impact of hard work and long days and weekends paying off!

Quality content and optimized images go a long way.

How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress – Dev3’s tutorial

How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress What's up developer

What’s up, thanks for checking out our blog. We have many like it and more to come. How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress is too easy right?

Our embed links tutorial is a good explanation of why we love using WordPress.

We love WordPress because it’s so damn easy!

Also, 60million people agree as they celebrate this land mark ahead of everyone.

WordPress User Experience using Embedded Links

This is the beginning of your user experience adventures.

We like picking our domains names at WordPress too.

We are Tableau consultants and have been doing web development for our entire adult life.