Learning How to Install WordPress Theme with Dev3lop is quick and user-friendly. This is one of many tech tutorials we have built to help our friends and family progress their business.

When you need to use a website that will last forever, use WordPress.

We do not shy away from telling you our trade securities and if you need any help – we are available to help! Our Tableau consulting crew knows how to develop dashboards because we are programmers too!

The Super Quick – How to Install WordPress Theme.

Today is a great day to learn How to Install WordPress Theme!

How to Install WordPress Theme - safe lock wordpress theme

How to Install WordPress Theme the safe and secure method.

If you’re like us and understand multiple revenue streams are important, this will be right up your alley.

WordPress is a simple drag and drop, no programming required, means of building a website! You can find a WordPress Theme created by other developer teams and plug it in as your own.

Here we discuss seven quick steps to install your WordPress Theme, some errors that may occur, why you need to update your WordPress installation and notes about being an admin.

Uploading a WordPress Theme is your starting point.

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Dev3lop loves WordPress. We show you How to Install WordPress Theme.

A WordPress Theme is the starting point for 60million+ worldwide.

You heard that right, 60million+ downloads of WordPress, and that makes it the most used website builder in the world.

It’s easy to do. Be sure you know How to Install WordPress Theme!

How to Install WordPress Theme Steps:

  1. Find a Theme; we use Envato Theme Forest.
  2. Purchase the Theme, and download the content.
  3. Unzip the file and find the ‘Theme.zip.’
  4. Open WordPress/Appearance/Theme

    How to Install WordPress Theme screen capture appears themes - install wordpress theme

    Open your theme options under appearance.

  5. The top left of this page, click Upload Theme.

    Install a theme on WordPress upload theme button - How to Install WordPress Theme

    You’re almost done installing a theme on WordPress.

  6. Clicking upload theme opens an expanding section in the middle of your screen.

    Install a theme on WordPress screenshot upload section - How to Install WordPress Theme

    Choose your theme zip file or drag and drop the ‘theme.zip’ file on the ‘choose file’ button.

  7. After selecting your .zip file, click install now.
How to Install WordPress Theme - install a theme on wordpress successful install

How to Install WordPress Theme – WordPress theme successful install message! You want to see this!

Installing WordPress Theme – Find the Best Theme!

Installing WordPress Themes can be fun and easy.

How to Install WordPress Theme - wordpress theme upload support

When you learn How to Install WordPress Theme, no one mentions the support team!

Big teams of developers build themes for Envato marketplace. They are great ways to instantly access every aspect of WordPress through the eyes of the developing team.

Envato spearheads music, photos, themes, plugins, and just about anything you can imagine.

Web developers and web designers are very excited about this easy access to quick fun objects to plugin to your website.

Regrettably, all WordPress themes are not created equal, that’s why it’s best to shop with teams that have been around for awhile or have enough sales to keep their business in front of any technology road bumps in the future.

So we should buy a Theme from a WordPress Dev Team?

WordPress is an open source and hungry for the next creative mind to install their WordPress theme and mix what the community offers.

That’s the beauty of WordPress; you can mix plugins from different teams, and enjoy a professional website in microscopic time.

Want to teach others How to Install WordPress Theme?

Let’s tap the brakes early on this party train, regrettably not all developer teams are created equal, and that means sometimes these websites are going to break.

Just picking a random theme could be a big problem for your client and the webmaster in the future. Be sure to pick the best possible one that fits your needs.

How to Install WordPress Theme Tutorial – Conclusion

It’s all gravy if you run regular backups and just deactivate dangerous themes or plugins.

Did you learn How to Install WordPress Theme? What theme are you going to use? We like Shopkeeper and Uncode! Comment below!

Install Theme on WordPress Failed?

No worries, lots of hosting companies are still learning how to administrate their hosting companies WordPress installs.

Contact your support team and ask for help.

This is the best practice! They run your computer hosting your website.

Unfortunately hosting companies will never play the victim in this instance and may tell you it’s something wrong with your theme

My theme on WordPress is Running Slow

Most hosting companies have your WordPress accommodated in the cloud and massively restricted to ensure it doesn’t affect the rest of your cloud.

Maybe if they all knew How to Install WordPress Theme, they would understand it would be ideal to install it like the way above!

Cloud computers restrict resources on WordPress Themes

WordPress can be set to update automatically, and also it will require some general maintenance from an administrator.

Why do we need to update our WordPress?

WordPress itself, the Internet, and browsers are updating to ensure safety, security, and positive updates too.

Consider your audience and the complexities of their viewing devices.

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. all require maintenance to ensure the users enjoy a safe experience null of cheating and

How much administration is necessary on my WordPress theme?

It’s wise to consider outsourcing the management part, just like you are outsourcing hosting when you buy a plan at SiteGround, Godaddy (we do not recommend), HostGator, etc.

Hosting is complicated, and that’s why you’re not running out to purchase a machine to Install a theme on WordPress. You’re just not!

These smart people have hosting figured out, that’s why you delegate that hardware consulting to them.

How to Install WordPress Theme Tutorial conclusion:

We consider WordPress administration to be very similar, although it’s easy, most prefer a hands-free approach to updates, troubleshooting, and debugging plugins!

When your theme installation fails, stalls, or creeps by until it fails, that’s because your hosting company will likely have your upload limit lower than the file size of your theme.

Or your plugins and themes don’t sync up, turn them off or switch themes until something gives. You may need a developer to make certain content work together, so if you’re not looking to delegate administration, be prepared to keep up with updates.

Use our live chat if you need any help with our How to Install WordPress Theme blog.

Ping us if you have any troubles installing. Let us know what your favorite WordPress blog is!