We want to Help you with Picking Your Website Hosting Plan

Site Ground, in our opinion, is the fastest hosting company for ranking WordPress websites and in our opinion, it’s the best for anyone just looking to get into it and try out blogging. You will want to host your own website or suffer the consquences associated to not owning your back-end. They are not fun – so Siteground is a great start.

They have 24/7 support. Instant access to an expert. We are technical and still prefer they do everything because they know exactly what to do.

Win-win for you.

$6 a month, and unlimited support.

Ranking websites and getting your content out in the public eye is crucial to scaling.

What is this thing about SEO? Search engine optimization… Most think it’s about the quantity of links, and everyone rushes to spam the ever living out of whatever the hell is easiest. Then they never go back and look at it again.

Tyler Garrett with packed bags at an airport, leaving the hosting company!

Pack your things, we are quitting the host whether you like it or not! No seriously, stop wasting time with classic hosting companies.

Hosting companies in 2016 and 2017 feel more like ransomware but to your business website.

So what gives?

  • Why can’t it just be easy?
  • Cheap?
  • Supported faster?
  • Make more money?

Don’t host companies know if we rank higher we get more money, and in turn spend more money… yet none of them have an SEO Consultancy?

In order to build your organic traffic on a website, you need a hosting company that rocks.

You first need to find a host that cares about you getting your work done.

Siteground will help you by actually making changes.

Siteground hosting is better than everything else

More than anything wewant you to know that we use Siteground for everything, which gives me more time with my wife and son. Picking hosting is all about picking a safety net for my family.

They will work with you for hours and help you accomplish nearly everything.

When you have a good hosting company, learning how to install a WordPress Theme is cake.

SiteGround hosting does more than start-up websites!

If you’re a business and looking to get into a plan for your great big website, check out the $12/monthly plan. Dev3lop uses the

We know hosting websites can be tricky

It’s very tricky to build a website in 2017 because people use illegal tactics to rank their website.

Hosting companies don’t seem to keep up with what they told you, and you’re stuck playing he said – she said… Make sure you keep track of every chat!


Learning How to Host a Website in 2017 – Would Be Easy but everyone is just out for the bottom dollar.

Everyone doing advertisements on the weekend on Facebook are scratching for desperate engagements.

“No on has the answer for your success. Okay cool I said it.”

Nearly 90% to 99% of every top10 page is full of fake websites, companies that do not exist, and garbage containers fill the top ranking.

We over here making cool stuff, and most beating us in ranking are making junk. Right?

Hosting is easy when Tyler Garrett, Founder of a global tech company Dev3lop, speaks about what's right or wrong in the hosting business

Did you know that Dev3 only costs us $6 monthly to run this website? You would be smiling too if you knew how much money you could be saving.

Before siteground I was literally being dragged through the coals by support representatives that had 1% of our technical experience.

Our objective was to record every conversation, and see what was going to be the worst options as we go.

We just needed to document it to understand who was the best.


Hosting a website on Site Ground in 3 easy steps

Hosting a website on Site Ground is my favorite. It’s straight forward, and they help you. We have a promotion code below.

  1. Choose a Plan – we explain what you need to start with and next steps below.
  2. Choose a Domain (for new domain owners) – If you have not picked a domain name, that’s your next step.
  3. Review & Complete – fill out your information or client information, <$150 for 3 years, that’s only $4 per month with 24/7 support.

Completed? Now, setup your Google Analytics! If you have any Austin SEO questions, feel free to message us. Advice is free.

We are interested in managing website services like hosting for clients – and we start everyone here first.

Our customers delegate access to Dev3lop, and we manage their website facilities for a small rate monthly.

How to host a website promotion 3.95 a month vs regular price of 9.95 a month at site ground

Thanks for reading our tutorial. If you know how to host a website, and just want to use our discount – click See Plans! We use the $6 dollar plan for 4 full blown websites.

Learn How to Host a Website on Site Ground and Save Money on Hosting!

The first step to hosting your website will require us to pick a hosting company. Considering most are a form of ransomware on your business website, let’s just stick to Siteground.

Why Site Ground you may ask – please read our blog on picking hosting. Our gloves come off, and we actually talk about the problems with hosting companies.

You need to learn how to host your own website. It’s no longer risky, and we are now comfortable telling our clients to transition.

We will teach you how to host a website for free (coming soon) and how to host a website on Site Ground (below).

  1. Use our Site Ground referral link and save 60% on hosting.
  2. Pick the StartUp plan for any new website. We believe anything else is a waste of money. Siteground will help you upgrade your plan, for free, when the time comes. We use the GoGeek plan for Dev3lop and another E-commerce website, and we have 99.9% uptime. Contact me if you have more than 30gb’s of web content.
  3. How to host a website on site ground plans explained

The biggest mistake every business owner makes is buying too much too early. Start small and upgrade as you need it. 11.95 gives you 30gb space.

  1. If you’ve picked a domain name, you should type the domain into the field. Click proceed.

    site ground screenshot how to host a website blog

    Hosting a website on Site Ground Step 3 – you can sync your domain here, or buy a domain from Site ground. Take advantage of the free migration, or we provide a Free Website Migration package.

  2. Fill out the form and choose 36 months hosting to use our Site Grounds referral link 60% discount for as long as possible (3 years total).
    • Contact us if you have any questions, don’t accept any charges except hosting.

Learning How Hosting a Website on your own will Save your business money

We feel learning how to host your site is an excellent way to save money and we have offered free hosting to 100% of our Web clients for 1 year.

Now after testing Site Ground for 6 months, we are confident in suggesting it in a blog post, and we have been sending this content to our clients for the past few weeks as we migrate to Site Ground.

Dev3lop’s Advice on Hosting a Website in 2017

If you’re not saving time with hosting, you’re losing money for free.

If you’re a business that requires you to be present for earning money, and hosting keeps you busy, you earn zero money.

Vacation photo taken by Tyler Garrett's Isabelle.

Save time with your hosting plan and use Siteground. Losing time because of hosting can keep you from going on vacation.

It is great to know if you want to save thousands of dollars and avoid unqualified advice.

We take you through the steps – to host your own website and domain – without spending thousands of dollars.

We believe hosting your own site and domain is essentially a rapid project.

If you buy a hosting plan for your website – you’re outsourcing that to a team.

Most of it is easy and automated but it never ‘just works.’ Site Ground has consistently worked!

When you’re learning to how to host a website – Content is mostly bogus.

99.9% of every tutorial is an affiliate owned top ranking web page.

These companies earn millions by keeping that page on the top of Google. Customer testimonials are saying they are number one, and there is no checks and balances.

Customer testimonials saying they are number one are faked daily, and there is no checks and balances.

The hardest things on the internet to rank on the top 10 are related to hosting, SEO, web development, and anything related to ranking websites.

They have been doing in for ages, and these websites funnel you into years of pain and rarely do they funnel you to the clients best interest.

We are here to change that.

How much is it to host a website?

Less than $4 dollars per month for 1 site. $12 per month gains you the ability to host multiple domains. Everything comes with SSL and migration is also free!

We have a referral deal that we offer every client – or we can host it for you and charge you more for managing it.

Learning how to host your own website is easy and affordable.

Learning how to host your own website and domain is a cluster of fake websites and old it’s always riddled with out-of-date verbiage.

We hope this is a simple means of keeping your hosting and domain purchase in-house. We offer a referral that gives you a discount at Site Ground in previous tutorials. We are not affiliated with the company, rather we just think they offer an excellent service.

In this – How to host a website blog – We are aiming to help you avoid developers or outsourced teams hurting your future company.

Hosting your own website for less than four dollars

Paying more for anything extra is usually bullshit. Hosting companies get away with selling you a lot of things you do not need!

We played the fool at every company and only recommend Site Ground.

Hosting companies get away with selling you a lot of things you do not need!

Now, we can offer that to you. Using this referral link, you can immediately jump into secure hosting by an excellent customer service based company.

We go into a lot of detail about picking a hosting company.