After setting up your Google analytics account in our tech tutorial, follow these next steps below.

Dev3lop’s next tech tutorial covers adding Google analytics to your WordPress website for free.

Learning how to add Google Analytics to WordPress Site for free is seriously cake, and we hope you start increasing your rank quickly!

Dev3 has you covered! Google analytics is essential to every website service we provide, and now our Tableau Consulting customers depend on us for expert Google analytics analysis.

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How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Site in less than 5 minutes!

Google Analytics WordPress Tutorial will take less than 5 minutes, and no programming required. Google analytics is a free app!

  1. Open WordPress admin panel
  2. Open WordPress plugins.
  3. Click Add New to open a search field.

    learn how to add google analytics to wordpress site

    Click add new plugin under Plugins. Plugins will be on the far left side panel in your WordPress dashboard.

  4. Type Google Analytics in your search field

    Learn how to add google analytics to wordpress site for free

    Typing lots of things here will generate thousands of free apps. Nearly all have a free version and paid version.

  5. Use the free Google Analytics plugin on the top.

    learn how to add google analytics to wordpress site

    This Google analytics app is free and doesn’t require any programming. It’s also updated often and heavily supported. Be sure to download plugin by Alin Marcu.

  6. Click install now.

    install button on wordpress for installing google analytics plugin

    Click install to get google analytics on your WordPress for free.

  7. Wait for installation. Should be instant on a good hosting plan, no reason to do anything during the install.

    success message installed google analytics on wordpress

    WordPress App for Google Analytics success message.

  8. Click Activate after it takes the place of the Install Now button.

    activate button wordpress plugin

    Activate your Google Analytics Application for WordPress Button. Click Activate.

  9. If you Google Analytics app successfully installed, your current page will refresh, and you will see a success message on in your WordPress Alert Feed.
    plugin activated on wordpress success message

    Plugin activated if your Google Analytics application, Hosting company, and WordPress installation agree with your install.


Setting up Google Analytics on WordPress – Authorization

Now that you have the plugin activated, the last step drives you to the plugin page.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin screen shot

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin.

Also, the app team doesn’t mention where the menu goes after the install.

You can access it by clicking Settings here, or you can open your WordPress Dashboard side panel.

google analytics wordpress dashboard panel pop out

Google Analytics on WordPress quickly with Dev3lop tech tutorials.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress without Programming

If you want to increase your revenue, we have experience doing that with our BI team and Tableau Consulting solutions. The other solution would be building a business. And starting that is how you can start generating a second form of income.

To get there, you will need to slow down and learn How to add Google analytics to WordPress Site today.

  1. Open General Settings in your Google Analytics WordPress Plugin
  2. Click Authorize Plugin.

    google analytics on wordpress authorization app

    Learning how to connect google analytics to WordPress tutorial is nearly done!

  3. Click Get Code.

    google analytics on wordpress

    The access code will be auto generated in a few clicks on Google’s website.

  4. Click the account used in the previous tutorial.

    choose an account google analytics setup

    Choose the account you want to log in with to sync your Google Analytics account. We maintain client accounts to help speed up the process, hidden in the screenshot.

  5. Click Allow.

    google analytics authorization for wordpress usage

    Click allow and your Google analytics will generate a key.

  6. Now copy this code in black.

    wordpress google analytics authorization key

    WordPress and Google Analytics need to sync, this is your sync key. Your code will appear and won’t be blacked out.

  7. Copy the code, close the page.
  8. Paste the code.
  9. Run it and enjoy.

How to add Google analytics to WordPress Site Without Spending Money

Google analytics data will start to populate as you use you and your users utilize your WordPress website.

Do not worry about spending money on your Google Analytics environment in the beginning.

Thanks for learning how to add Google analytics to WordPress Site with Dev3lop a group of Tableau consultants.