Congrats – You Found a Free Website Migration Offer.

Free Website Migration Offer with - Mini Server imageHello, this is a limited Free Website Migration Offer.

There are hundreds of hosting options, they all look the same, and most of them do not work great!

That’s why we are here to offer a free migration and recommendations on what hosting company we use!

Need a Free website migration?

migrating serverWe will help you migrate your first website for free!

And if you’re nice, we will throw in the second website for free.


Don’t have a website to migrate yet? ?

Save yourself the burden of migration and follow our easy steps. We have tried every hosting company and landed with one hosting company.

Tutorial 1: Pick a domain name.
Tutorial 2: Pick where to buy domain names.
Tutorial 3: Pick a website platform.
Tutorial 4: Pick a hosting company.

Free website migration from the experts at Dev3lop!

Dev3lop will assess your Website, make suggestions for hosting to optimize your website performance, SEO, and your website host hardware.

Due to the high demand. We are only accepting websites on a case by case basis. Thanks! – Tyler G.

We will migrate websites from bad hosting companies.

free website migration plug your keyboard in our cloud host pngTruthfully these big fish stink at hosting, we have spent years fighting BBB claims and support chats for our clients.

So, we will migrate your website for free if you are dealing with a bad hosting company!

We want to migrate your website for free!free website migration hard drive

Hosting companies do not work 100% of the time, and they are both unwilling to support their technology or reform refund you your lost investment.

Lastly, they are reluctant to refund their customer’s money after the return period expires, even if the service doesn’t work.

It’s a part-time job dealing with bad hosting companies.

Even migrating websites can be a complex matrix of circuits.complex circuits explaining that it does not need to be complex to migrate a website for freecomplex circuits - showing migrates can be complex

We’ve spent countless hours testing hosting companies, and the worst part is the customer service is not a validated role in the enterprise.

complex circuits - showing migrates can be complexcomplex circuits - showing migrates can be complexCustomer service can say anything, without a background in technology, no degree required, and they are incentivized to upsell your content may not need what so ever!

Again, there is no board overseeing these companies to check if they are transparent with customers.

Unless you have 20-30hrs a week to burn talking to hosting – we are here to help you migrate now.

Big hosting companies have hundreds of thousands of customers, and the incentive to help or refund your money is completely absent.

Picking a hosting company is not easy!

Free website migration offer server

Free website migration to any client with a bad hosting company!

Pick a hosting company – one of the least favorite topics for any entrepreneur.

100% of Dev3lop customers come from a marketplace of ticked off waiting for hosting companies to get back to them and tired of being told they need the sun and the moon by unskilled customer service representatives.

So,  don’t get stressed. We know the pain and are here to help!

We Help Clients Migrate Websites off of Bad Hosting Plans.

We spend most of our time helping clients get out of bad hosting situations.

We have opened multiple BBB claims against hosting companies and understand they are digital thieves.

Fortunately for you, if you’re reading this, we do not like most hosting companies enough that we have chosen to migrate websites for free!

Have a terrible host, and it’s not listed? Still, want a migration?

If you are currently hosting at Godaddy and want to leave, Dev3lop will migrate your website for free!

We mean it so much we will make a header 2 saying it.

Here at Dev3lop we use and recommend Site Ground.

We are currently big fans of Site Ground. We will migrate you to our host for free or help you pick a plan at Site Ground.

We highly recommend Site Ground because they will help you get you website running immediately with 24/7 chat and email.

Also, Site Ground is more affordable and faster than any other hosting company when it comes to WordPress websites.

Free website migration from Godaddy hosting.

duty free image website migration

Duty-free website migration from Dev3lop!

Seriously, Godaddy wordpress does not work and is the biggest problem for scheduled product releases and client project deadlines.

The big problem is that they sell a service that doesn’t entirely work, and to any average end user, you’re buried with extra work and this only generates the need for an expert.

Even the customer service support will direct you to pay for hourly services because they do not know how to fix your website and have a quota to fill.

Hosting is a service funnel for Godaddy in our opinion.

A business strategy to profit off of clients who simply do not understand other hosting companies work immediately.

For example, Site Ground websites can be up and ready in less than 24 hours. That’s why we have this Free Website Migration Offer.

We spent many months looking in thousands of places, and everything turned out being hosting.

Regrettably, Godaddy hosting for WordPress Fails.

We can splash up a portfolio, but when it comes to e-commerce or premium themes – Godaddy is ready to fail.

Save money free website migration

Save money by hosting with Dev3 and we will help you migrate your website for free.

They do not refund broken services and are currently the slowest hosting company you can use for WordPress.

Not to mention the fact that their hosting is packed full of restrictions that burden development phase to a creep.


You do not know of these pains until you do it a few times and see the difference when hosting at Site Ground.

GoDaddy hosting is slow – Migrate Today

Also, this brings an average 1-day website build to a creep.

Here at Dev3lop, we offer a SKU that is a 1-day website build and we have to restrict this from our customers using Godaddy because it requires so much extra work.

We will migrate any Godaddy hosted website, for free.

Other hosting companies we are happy to migrate for free from.

Yes, you heard that right, we are happy to migrate any other dissatisfied web clients from the follow companies;

Hostgator, BlueHost, A Small Orange, etc. We understand your pain and will migrate your website for free.

If you do not host with them, and you’re feeling worn out with your hosting team, contact us, and we will work to migrate your website immediately.

Our last website migration was only 22mins of downtime! The entire process took 30mins total.

Free Migration Offers only Come Once a Year!

Finally, a free website migration offers you can count on every year.

We will be offering 100 free migrations annually!

If you migrate your website with Dev3lop, you can opt to have us manage your hosting service or simply use Site Ground like Dev3!

Or we will help you find the right

Website Migration Offer for Anyone!

Not everyone wants to pay for migration, and that’s why we are doing it for anyone!

Anyone can use our migration services and

Our treat!

Why is Dev3lop offering free website migrations?

We feel companies like GoDaddy, A Small Orange, Bluehost, HostGator, and others just do not provide viable solutions for long term domain proliferation.

GoDaddy, for example, has a hard and fast refund policy.

Even if their services are not working as intended, you will be charged and you will not get a refund.

We have been picking hosting companies for people

Most hosting companies have enough customers you feel the pain a bit. On a busy day, if a large hosting company has an outage, it pretty much means no one is getting ahold of anyone!