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Have you had any difficulty centering buttons in WordPress visual composer? Here’s the live example with the solution on the top! Click the back button link to get back.

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Centering your Button with Visual Composer in WordPress is not Native!

Natively your WordPress Theme doesn’t come with a center for buttons because that is done in CSS. If you’re like me, you’re going to use this blog a lot and will probably end up favoriting it.

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer Move Button To center buttons

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer Move Button To center buttons. A screenshot from Musicblip – analog loops you hear in our videos come from here. A great demonstration where the WordPress Theme doesn’t have a means of centering buttons.

Question from end user: Tyler I noticed my Theme doesn’t seem to have a centering drop down for the button!

Centering Buttons in WordPress is easy in Visual Composer when you know these two easy steps we fly through for the advanced users.

We tend to use this at least two or three times a week as a source for pasting code quickly!

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Centering Buttons in WordPress using Visual Composer in Two Steps.

#1 Paste this in your CSS.

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer Page Settings Custom CSS Settings

.center-btn {
margin: 0 auto;
display: table;

#2 Paste “center-btn” in your Extra Class Name. No programming required.

That’s all you need to move content and buttons to the center of your web page or row.

Then you’re going to open your inner row Extra class name.

Beginner Tech Break Down – Centering a Button on WordPress Easily

This is a beginner tutorial because if you’re Googling to figure out how to center buttons – we can help increase your rank – 100% guaranteed.

You can scroll past this, and get the rest of the tutorial and explanation, or we can explain to you that we understand your skill level because you’re on this Google Search Phrase!

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We know that you would be impacted by more foot traffic because we know what you’re researching!

I know it’s a little creepy but we completely know your skill level and what you’re dealing with. Being in a position to need to center a button in WordPress and not know it’s done in CSS, is not exactly what theme developers have in mind when they build these websites.

Did you know Centering buttons will decrease your bounce rate?

Because centering buttons when necessary looks better, and if you notice it, 100% of your end users see the same problem. Do you think any of them are going to click your button if it’s not centered and looking legit?

Nope! You may think I’m crazy but I built a page, got it ranked on page #1 for a local Google search phrase, and my click through on the buttons was <1%. The buttons were not centered, and it was never getting any touches.

Out of the blue, someone mentioned it to me in a feedback session and I went hunting – after Googling, I found the right content and threw it on this blog.

Decreasing Bounce Rate because of Buttons being Better?

A thousand times true. I’ve tested it before writing this out and the tests show people really do care about the user flow. You can’t be stubborn and leave a bad user flow to sit on your website. Every single thing can increase your Bounce rate negatively and due diligence weathers the storm.

decrease bounce rate with awesome buttons

Centering buttons is the first step to building better buttons to decrease your bounce rate.

Will it really decrease your bounce rate? Yes, believe me, I didn’t notice it at first but once I started Googling it, I realized I was not the only person! So, yes it’s noticeable, and once I started doing this centering code I noticed an increase in my click through on all of my websites.

Also, having Google Analytics synced to your WordPress account is equally important. Otherwise, there’s really no telling what the heck is going on.

Because WordPress is a user-friendly tool, we wanted to give back to the community and offer a simple workflow for advanced and beginner users.

Read what you said above and still don’t know how to center a button in WordPress.

We dove in above quickly for those familiar with the product.

Also, we have hundreds of users using this blog post every week and we wanted to optimize it for those who know exactly where to click and grab the code.

The experts simply remember where these fields are and need the code to copy and paste!

Below we explain how to do it step by step with screenshots.

The Beginner Guide To Website Management And Centering Buttons in WordPress

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Center a Button in WordPress using CSS

The top right of every page in WordPress has a small ‘settings button’ – resembling a bolt or a common settings edit button.

Center a button in WordPress Visual Composer CSS on page wordpress on page css icon

Center button in WordPress more so looks like something I would break if I click it.

On further inspection, this is actually your on page CSS. When you drop CSS in it, it generates the CSS you see above.

Open this button, and simply paste the CSS to center a button in WordPress!

.center-btn {
margin: 0 auto;
display: table;

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer Page Settings Custom CSS Settings

Just paste the code, and that’s it! No programming required today. This is all you need to do to use CSS to Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer in Page Settings.

CSS to Quickly Center all your WordPress Content!

Do not run away just yet. The code is very manageable and you will learn a lot about WordPress fields that are not explained, rather it’s more of an advanced product feature, with little explanation.

Similar to the bolt, that turns into being CSS, you will start to notice WordPress has been evolving for a long time and there’s a lot of under the hood features, and we just need to explore them.

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer Step 1 of 2.

If you’ve not plugged this code in, copy this code and paste it into the CSS.

.center-btn {
margin: 0 auto;
display: table;

Margin: The CSS margin properties are used to generate space around elements. The margin properties set the size of the white space outside the border.

Display: The display property specifies the type of box used for an HTML element.

For the sake of being a beginner – let’s leave this code as is, and leave to your team that you’re adding this code here.

Centering Buttons in WordPress means Opening your Inner Row Settings Step 2 of 2.

Not sure where the inner row setting button is? Use the screenshot and follow along.

Start by clicking on the button to open your inner row setting.

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer open inner row setting

Open inner row setting to paste your CSS call out! So that you can center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer.

Once this is open, scroll down to ‘extra class name’ now you paste center-btn in the field, click save, you’re done!

screen shot of Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer-inner row settings extra class name

Center buttons in WordPress Visual Composer-inner row settings extra class name


Did you need any extra help centering your button in wordpress?

Still not able to center the button in your visual composer? No problem, leave us a comment and we will work together to figure it out!

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