Bulk Automate URL Coordinates from a Google Sheet using Keyboard Maestro.

We want to bulk automate URL coordinates from a simple list.

This blog explains in detail how to grab URLs from a list of names, company names, addresses, and at no cost or limitation.

This script works with 100% success rate, which I think makes it worth checking out if you ever want to speed up things that require a lot of the same clicks!

Macroing is so easy! This will save you time.

The blog goes on to show you how Google is building quality coordinates for keywords or company names.

If you’re able to put more than a 6second pause in your script, you will be amazed by how much time this is about to save you when you need coordinates from a list of words.

a google sheet screen shot of customers tyler garrett has worked with in business intelligence consulting

You need one column, any column will do, and put it in Google Sheets. These are previous clients I’ve had the honor of doing business with. FL through HE, and a long list overall – this macro saves us tons of time.


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Need the flash course and don’t have time to read about how to build the script?

Keyboard Maestro has a record function. You can read through this fast and do that.

You will learn more if you follow along and learn how to build it.

The power unlocks when you build it yourself!

Do you want to cut in line and learn the solution 100% no tutorial?
quickly automate urls running person

Go to the bottom of page and see full script!

Got a deadline and don’t want to read why it all works? Or understand keyboard maestro well enough to dive in?

Do a Find on this page for ‘Cheater Mode!’ It will take you to the bottom :)!

If you’re not familiar but need to get this done, follow along and learn how to save hours of time!

This would task would take me 8-16 hrs minimum, and that’s impossible if I’m busy.

Here’s how I macro around that workload.

Google Builds Coordinates in their URL after 6-8seconds of loading on their Map!


The macro below takes the blue text from any a spreadsheet of data. The macro then passes this to browser bar, we use Chrome.

Why are we doing this to bulk get coordinates?

Google has a native feature of searching for your request and giving you a very accurate coordinates and it drops those coordinates in the URL!

We will scrape that coordinate URL for usage in Tableau, and bring it back to the same spreadsheet to unpeel it by splitting it in Google Sheets.

We use Google Sheets in this use case but you can optimize it for Spreadsheets without much of a hassle.

We will only need a list of company names or whatever you want to map.

Bulk Automate URL Coordinates Use Case

I have 100+ customer names I’d like to map. I need to get coordinates but doing it manually is tedious and I’m easily distracted with tedious boring work.

Keyboard Maestro can record what you do, and play it back with a push of a button, or because of an event, like an email.

Today it’s going to be the fastest and easiest way to get URLs while also teaching you about macroing with this amazing tool I use to save hundreds of hours a day for clients all around the globe.

Leaning Google Drive Will Help You Work From Home.


This is just a beautiful example – forgive any mistakes or ‘better ideas’ I did not use, rather if you have a better way to enhance it, I will update it and link to your website. Please comment if you have a better and easier method for business users to grab coordinates!

This is one of many ways and happens to work great for this portfolio page I’m looking to generate to show off all the locations of companies I’ve worked with over the past few years.

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Bulk grab URLs from a List! Not just map data!

We are going to get X – from a list on a Google Sheet, and also populate getting those coordinates.

If you’re looking for a KISS Bulk Automate URL Coordinates tutorial, this is the right place to be.

This can be used to automate anything similar too!

Every workflow you do, if it causes you to repeat it, you should automate it immediately with this product.

Bulk Automate URL Coordinates Like a Pro!

Automating URL Captures from a Spreadsheet using Keyboard Maestro can be very straight forward. If you’re using Windows, we recommend Pulovers Macro Creator or for a programmer at heart – just use the source code AHK. Which stands for Auto Hot Key. AKA – a buggy piece of macroing code.

We prefer Keyboard Maestro because it works a lot better and we spend a lot less time debugging.

Color Palette Best Practices – Learn to Make a Professional Designer Thingy


First time macroing? Bulk Automating your first list?

My best advice I can give to anyone looking to get into macroing, you’ve found yourself doing the same task over and over? This is what I’ve helped mega companies understand and automate while doing business intelligence consulting around the globe.

Finding that bean counting processes, working with the business user to understand how much time it takes, what are the benefits of your life at work getting back to usual?

Try Google Data Studio for Free Today


Macroing rocks dude – How about relaxing more? More free time to optimize existing content?

If you have a method and know what steps it takes. I find writing it down on a notepad first helps me, then I sit down and build it.

Avoid troubleshooting large scripts or workflows.

Break it down a piece by piece, and save copies of your work!!

Spend more time using your macro than troubleshooting your macro.

If your macro isn’t working, keep it simple. Use the part that works to keep pushing the needle, you will learn as you use the script certain aspects of your first idea are not panning out! Build on to that script, one step at a time.

Trying to figure it all out before testing is a bad path to go padawan!

That won’t scale long-term!

Build on steps that work! Beta test every aspect of it before diving into 30 steps. Trying to figure it all out before testing is a bad path to go padawan!

Lucky for you – you’re learning the difference between Waterfall projects and Agile projects. For macroing, it’s best to test all aspects of the script and don’t 100% focus on fulfilling requirements to a T.

The best Solutions come outside of the requirements and meet greater needs than the business originally perceived.

Getting to the end goal, as efficiently and as quickly as possible is key.

Now that you’re at the end goal, you can determine if it’s working correctly or if anyone likes it!

Also, testing teaches you about the end goal, whether it’s attainable or not, and the time it will take to attain that success in your macro.

Split url to columns


Bulk Automate URL Coordinates Like a Pro, Regardless of your Tech ability!

It’s your first time, take it easy. Try a few steps, hit play, try another, etc. That’s why a little challenge like this will help you build confidence in the ease of usage.

Detailed Notes per step – How to Bulk Automate get URL with Coordinates on Keyboard Maestro.

No development necessary. Bulk Automate URL Coordinates with Keyboard Maestro on your Mac or beg a friend with a mac to do it because AHK is very complex and not fun to debug – unfortunately, Keyboard Maestro is not on PC!

Keyboard Maestro is intuitive and enjoyable to utilize when grabbing links on Google Maps

  1. Build a 2 column spreadsheet in Google Sheets Tab1 – A is empty, B is Company Name!

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates

    We use a browser because the macroing is extremely straight forward and in our opinion, a very powerful means of extracting data hands-free. URL list generation is easy! Click to enlarge.

  2. Open Keyboard Maestro

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates task bar showing the icon visual

    2nd to the left here. Looks like a Command button with a magic wand. Bulk Automate URL Coordinates with Keyboard Maestro.

  3. Open a new macro

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates New Macro drop down from File/New Macro

    Command+N opens a new macro too, we prefer using these types of foundational macros early to drive adoption. Bulk Automate URL Coordinates while you read a book.

  4. Name your macro

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates re-name field form

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates after you document your macro name. Having several unnamed macros will show you why it’s a bad idea! Learn from our mistake.

  5. Set the key to being pressed to fire off your macro – we use ‘Command+.’

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates trigged by this key.

    Trigger by any set of keys. Leave the keys that are reserved and don’t mix them together. Command+C is for copy, not for your macros! Use odd key combinations or mouse buttons.

Using Actions in Keyboard Maestro Basic Tutorial – Bulk Automate URL Coordinates 101!

  1. Find your Keyboard Maestro Keystroke functions in Actions by typing.

    The keystroke is used several times when doing the Bulk Automate URL Coordinates in Keyboard Maestro. Luckily, you can copy and paste moving forward. You won’t need to find it again in your actions.

  2. We need to copy a cell from our list, that means copy! This will also be the starting place of the macro, and every time you run it. You simply click on the content you’re looking to search.
    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates display the actions helpful tip

    There are three plus signs. To open the actions window, if it’s not present on the screen. Left click the plus sign highlighted in this screenshot. The first plus sign to the left of edit.

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates

    Keystroke CMD+Copy in its natural habitat.

  3. The magic bullet is your pause.
    • Otherwise, the computer expects you to understand it’s very fast and will power through your script. Pauses are padding for the requests you’ve made of the internet to catch up.

      Finding pause in keyboard maestro

      Exactly like finding Keystroke action in the search. Type pause.

  4. Double click pause to bring it into your script. Copy and paste this between every step.
    • We recommend padding every step if you want your script to run completely. Padding Pauses is the biggest thing to be flexible with, and don’t try to be lean with your padding before the script even works!

      Bulk Automate URL Coordinates tutorial showing the 8 second pause

      Type in the number for seconds. Always pad your scripts when starting out. Use half seconds when you understand how long it takes to run everything! We use one 8 second pause coming up!

  5. Test what you’ve learned and built the means of generating a new tab in the browser window Google Sheets is current in. Hint, CTRL+T or COMMAND+T keystroke and pauses.

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates step 1-4

    Keyboard Maestro is very user-friendly. If you don’t have a Mac, AHK is the alternative, and it’s not as friendly for business users.

  6. COMMAND+T opens a new tab. This also opens a form to paste a URL. You can immediately begin typing.
  7. Let’s Insert Text into the open URL field because our keyboard is active in that field.

    Bulk Automate URL Coordinates insert text for pasting custom google URL code

    Search for the action Insert Text in Keyboard Maestro.

  8. Paste https://www.google.com/maps?q=%CurrentClipboard%Headquarters into your Insert Text.
    • Insert Text by Typing – Is a drop down feature, select by typing.
      • The drop down gives available options for how the insert text is happening on your computer.
      • Headquarters at the end is to say lots of these customers are global, and we work with enterprise-wide solutions, so that will call for the headquarters and not just what’s local.
    • Keyboard Maestro Pro Tip – typing as means to insert is better than other options. Ex: Copy paste breaks if you are trying to copy over between your script.
    • Insert Token – drop down in Keyboard Maestro gives easy options to apply to the script.

      insert token keyboard maestro drop down.

      Insert token Keyboard Maestro is the silver bullet when logging in or doing an infinite amount of helpful time-saving tasks.

  9. Keystroke Enter will kick off the URL. The normal button you’d hit as if you were doing it yourself.

    keyboard maestro return simulate keystroke

    Keyboard Maestro makes macroing easy. Click the field to type in or smash whatever DOOM cheat code you want.

  10. Google has a native feature where it will change the URL to obtain a ‘best path’ for the request. The pause 8 seconds is to pause and wait for that change to happen.
  11. Command+L highlights everything in the browser URL bar. Then we want to Copy that URL with another keystroke. Pause between actions.

    bulk get URLS text including browser operations tutorial

    From pasting the URL. Waiting 8 seconds for Google to change the URL. CMD+L to highlight it. Copy URL and you’re ready for the next step.

Final Steps Bulk Grabbing URLs in Keyboard Maestro.


  1. The rest of the Bulk Automate URL Coordinates tutorial is keystrokes and a single mouse click.
    • The click that is expanded below – is to jump back to the Google sheet. There are many ways to accomplish this, none are this simple.
  2. Keep the Mouse over the Google Sheet Tab, and then hit you macro button!
    • It will click after it copies the URL, so – leave your hand off the mouse.
  3. Next in the script: 3 arrow keystrokes and one paste of the new URL with coordinates.
  4. The arrows and the paste – Keyboard Maestro and your script are adjusting itself, making your new URL with coordinates live in your beautiful Google Sheet.
    • The adjustment arrow keystrokes explained: An empty field to the left of ‘Addresses’ column – will need to be present because in this macro we are moving to the left, and pasting the new coordinates.
Bulk Automate URL Coordinates expanding move and click.

Now use the rest of these actions, keep it simple. Keyboard Maestro is easy if you make it easy!

Bulk Automate URL Coordinates Explanation

Why do we move the mouse?Well, we didn’t want a long tutorial about how to open tabs, how to back and forth with tabs, or even Closing tabs after using it.

Well, we didn’t want a long tutorial about how to open tabs, how to back and forth with tabs, or even Closing tabs after using it.

This will generate new tabs, grab the new link, and output new data. I’ve had success running it 100+ times without an error or limitation.

Bulk grabbing URL coordinates Tutorial Completed – Ending remarks and complete logic screenshot.

The mouse is setup to open the tab, so when you run the macro, leave your mouse hovering over the Google Sheet Tab.

That’s all you need, now you can hit play and kick back while Google figures out what you want based on how well companies have optimized their website content indexed at Google.

Remember you can copy and paste keystroke. Left click any action. COMMAND+C to copy, and COMMAND+V to paste it again.

FYI – Long pause after the clipboard paste is to wait for Google to append their coordinates.

Do not remove the 8second pause.

No telling how long it’s going to take to load on your internet.

Risk-Free coordinate scraping with Google sheets

This is web based – so if anything crashes, know Google Sheets is risk-free and backed up. No matter what, you’re going to keep your data, you just may need to restore if your script goes ape and deletes everything.

We make a habit of backing up our sheets and locking them in other workbooks!

All steps explained – Bulk Automate URL Coordinates – Cheater Mode!

Here’s how we do it quickly, and yes I ran it 95 times without it breaking, don’t do this without knowing how to STOP the macro!

It only breaks when you move your mouse or the Tabs max out!

Keep your eye on it when you start using loops. It can really mangle things if you’re doing complex keystrokes.

Loop warning when using Keyboard Maestro

Be prepared to cancel all scripts. If you can’t, it will complete. And if you’re looping 95 times, and you hit it 10 times…

We recommend setting it at 5, and have it make a noise at the end! Search for that action and you will find it helpful to alert you if it breaks or succeeds!

a quick macro script to build a url list.

I’ve successfully used this script over 300+ times to capture