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If you decide to go with Dev3lop, we will stand by you on day one. Expect our team to ask questions & arrange 1-on-1 conversations when it makes sense. Help us understand your pain points and the needs of your business. Later, we will develop solutions with you. 

 “The folks at Dev3lop built my company a beautiful dashboard in Tableau; they were a pleasure to work with and produced a fantastic product. I believe that we also saved a considerable sum by choosing Tyler and co. over a larger consultancy. Would definitely recommend!”

Daniel Fellar 

PhD candidate in Biomedical Informatics

Isabelle Garrett
Austin Texas
CEO & escalation manager

More About Isabelle

Isabelle has worked in customer service management most of her career. She enjoys helping develop customers find success and value with their service budget & helping drive Dev3lop’s growth.

  • Rolex – Customer Service Supervisor
  • 10 years high end customer service management experience
  • Isabelle manages customer escalations

Tyler Garrett & our son
Austin Texas
CTO & founder

More About Tyler

Tyler started programming as a kid, and now he spends his time helping companies grow, save money, or save time. Dev3lop is Tyler’s portfolio.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computer Information Systems
  • 150+ client engagements
  • 15+ years design experience
  • 10+ years business consulting experience
  • Founded dev3lop in 2016.

David Springer
Durango Colorado 
technology manager

More About David

David is a legendary devops manager, master of all things linux, 3d printing, and an experienced technical manager.  David is retired, enjoying learning and relaxing. David is based out of Colorado and excited to start helping customers freelance.

Anthony Wright
Houston Texas
technology manager

More About Anthony

Anthony is an experienced technology leader with a bachelors in Engineering and a masters in Business Administration. He is based out of Houston Texas and excited to start helping customers freelance.

Gary Taylor
Chicago Illinois 
information security manager

More About Gary

Looking for advice? Security Audit? Or a CISO? Gary has decades of experience helping as CTO, CIO, CISO, and many more titles.

Antoine Marchand
Plano & Dallas Texas
mergers & acquisitions manager

More About Antoine

Matthew Smith
Knoxville Tennessee
technology manager

More About Matthew

Matt has worked as an electrical engineer, developer, content developer, app developer, business consultant, and enjoys making marketing environments automated and data enriched. Matt enjoys managing a successful lock smith company and rarely has free time.

– 8 years marketing & consulting
– 5 years solving negative SEO practices
– 4 years developing commercial business applications & automation
– Matt should write a book about marketing & enjoys managing many successful ventures.


Kris Harvey
Dallas Texas Fort Worth
technology manager

More About Kris

Kris enjoys helping customers with technology advising, and has over 10 years technology consulting experience! Implementation, development, or socializing with executives – Kris is a hybrid of technology expertise and social skills. Kris enjoys riding horse and four wheelers with his lids.

– 10 years tech consulting
– 9 years project manager
– 7 years enterprise solution architect
– data wizard, SQL master
– Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computer Information Systems


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Stay in constant communication with your account manager. Feel comfortable requesting product training, knowledge transfers, video calls, onsite demos, OR best practices specific to your industry. 

A successful solution is not the final step for Dev3lop, we know algorithms break! Advice and solutions from Dev3lop is a journey that will keep improving your business & customer experiences forever

Before our LLC

Even before Dev3lop, we’ve been putting services on the internet, databases, and servers for a long time. Our experience in technology solutions exceeds 20+ years.