About Dev3lop, LLC

If you decide to go with Dev3lop.com, we will stand by you on Day one. Expect our team to ask questions & arrange 1-on-1 conversations when it makes sense. We want to understand your pain points  and the needs of your business. Later, we will develop your solutions with you.



Isabelle Garrett

More About Isabelle
Isabelle has worked in customer service management most of her career. Now, she enjoys helping develop customers find success and value with their service budget.

  • Rolex – Customer Service Supervisor
  • 10 years high end customer service management experience
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door – Guest Service Manager
  • Isabelle does all the heavy lifting @ Dev3lop and manages customer escalations, expectations, and success

Tyler Garrett

More About Tyler

Tyler started programming as a child in c++, nearly a decade of business tech consulting.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computer Information Systems
  • Tyler Founded Dev3lop.com in 2016
  • 150+ client engagements in the past 6 years
  • We offer discounted services to non-profits and startup

Tammy Chan Ph.D.
research & tech manager

More About Tammy

Coming soon.

Antoine Marchand
mergers & acquisitions

More About Antoine

Coming soon.

Matthew Smith
digital marketing advisor

More About Matthew

Coming soon.

Kris Harvey
technology manager

More About Kris

Coming soon.

Gary Taylor
information security consultant

More About Gary

Coming soon.

Help us help you

Stay in constant communication with your account manager. Feel comfortable requesting product training, knowledge transfers, video calls, onsite demos, OR best practices specific to your industry. 

A successful solution is not the final step for Dev3lop, we know algorithms break! Advice and solutions from Dev3lop is a journey that will keep improving your business & customer experiences forever

 “Dev3lop is the right choice for a company of any size.”

Josh Byrd, MBA 

Operations Strategy Analytics at Apple

Before our LLC

Even before Dev3lop, we’ve been putting services on the internet, databases, and servers for a long time. Our experience in technology solutions exceeds 10+ years.

Experienced Help

We’ve programmed, debugged, and help administrated services currently running for millions of users globally. Our solutions are scaled over 100’s of databases around the world.